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Marvelous Mushroom Clusters for Fairy Gardens

Mushroom clusters of the most magical kind are popping up all over the fairy gardens! Since it’s the summer, they’ve got plenty of moisture and damp earth to grow in. Fairies are particularly fond of having little mushrooms around—they often have special magical properties for fairy use. Whether it’s for potions or some magical decoration, magical mushrooms are a must-have in a fairy garden.

This summer, mushrooms are very much beloved features in any fairy garden. We’ve gathered up some of the most magical mushrooms that any family of fairies would love to find growing.

FG Jul 19 mushroom 1-51. “Fairy Cap” Mushroom Clusters

These charming little mushrooms have a very unique shape: they curl up at their tops like little fairy caps! These magical mushrooms are just the thing to add to a garden of a fairy that loves to brew up a little magic in the form of potions. After all, fairy cap mushrooms are especially potent; fairies will find quite a few uses for them in magic and in other things. Get them at Etsy.

2. The Mushroom Houses

Fairies have so many uses for mushrooms, but one of the most wonderful ones is that they make wonderful fairy homes! If you look very closely at mushroom clusters in the enchanted forest, you might glimpse little doorways and windows. The tiniest fairies make their homes from these beautiful mushrooms. They have stout walls, a great roof, and even plenty of attic space! See the houses at the Fairy Garden.

3. The Littlest Fairy Frog

The great thing about magical mushrooms is that they’re often places to take shelter in or to rest upon. This applies for both fairies themselves and magical animals. In a fairy forest, it’s not unusual to see extra tiny versions of what you might expect to be a full sized animal. This little fairy frog for example, small as a ladybug, is grateful for the shelter that these mushrooms provide! Meet him at the Fairy Garden.

4. The Turtle on the Mushroom

Turtles love mushrooms too! Or at least, this tiny fairy turtle does. The summer rains made some pretty big puddles, and our little shelled friend swam up to the top of this little mushroom to wait out the rain. He seems to have trouble coming down now that the water is gone. Fortunately, there’s a little ladybug to keep him company until a fairy flutters by to help them both down. Meet him at the Fairy Garden.

5. The Reading Hedgehog

Did you know that fairy mushrooms make the best little reading nooks? This little hedgehog knows it quite well. He’s curled up against a couple of mushrooms, using it as a little covered reading spot while butterflies flutter around. He must be reading some pretty fantastic fairy tales, as he made sure to stay comfortable! Meet him at the Fairy Garden.

FG Jul 19 mushroom 6-106. The Singing Bluebirds

Mushrooms are an excellent perch for the tiniest magical songbirds. A pair of bluebirds have settled down onto these mushrooms and are happily singing their songs to one another. Who could’ve known that the mushrooms make the perfect height for a private little concert down at ground level? Meet the bluebirds on the mushrooms at the Fairy Garden.

7. The Garden Fairy

There’s a reason that some mushrooms are called “toadstools”—they look like such a comfy spot to sit on, with its own spongy cushion! Fairies, as said in many stories, love sitting down on a mushroom to rest their tired wings or tired dancing feet. This beautiful fairy is happily relaxing on some of these magical mushrooms, playing with a butterfly friend. Meet her at Amazon.

8. The Sweet Red Fairy

Some fairies love mushrooms so much that they end up blending right into their favorite spot! This pretty red fairy loves sitting down upon this big red spotted mushroom. She perfectly matches her favorite spot: her little hat, shaped just like the top of a big mushroom, is also spotted and colored just like the mushrooms. Even her long stockings blend right in! Meet her at Amazon.

9. The Baby Shroom Fairies

However some mushrooms are more special than others. Some mushrooms are actually fairies themselves! Mushroom fairies spend plenty of time sleeping underground or in trees, camouflaged to look like real mushrooms. They are earth spirits that ensure that the ground is nourished for plants to grow on. While babies, like these two little mushrooms, they mostly only sleep, and come awake at night. Meet them at Etsy.

10. The Lady of the Mushrooms

When mushroom fairies are all grown, like this lovely fairy also slumbering beneath her great mushroom crown, they’re very magical. While mostly asleep in the day, she might wake up to help a fairy or two above ground for a while, before going back to bed under the warm earth. At the evenings, she stretches out and starts her work, sprinkling magic over the earth to nourish the forest. Meet her at Etsy.

Mushrooms are more than what meets the eye—they are one of the most magical additions to be had in the fairy garden! Don’t forget: The Fairy Garden is now an Amazon Influencer! Visit the Fairy Garden store in Amazon and Amazon UK to uncover even more splendid fairy magic to add to a fairy garden.

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