Set up an Enchanted Fairy Forest Party

This is the summer to create some magic of your own: set up a splendid enchanted fairy forest party that bring all the spellbinding fantasy of fairies into an event! Fairies love parties themselves, after all. So why not borrow a bit of that wonderful fairy magic to transport your party guests into a magical forest world as well?

It’s one of the most charming themes to add to any party, especially an outdoor one. And since it’s the summer, full of long days filled with sunshine, a forest party would look even more magical and so delightful for all the guests who want to experience a little bit of fairy magic. Here are some ideas on how to make your enchanted fairy forest party so much more magical.

FG JUL 18 2019 enchanted forest party 1-51. Send out woodland invitations

Everything has to be on theme. That means bringing in the magic starting from the envelopes and invitations! Send out lovely woodland themed invitations like these, full of green images and forest friends, so all the guests know the kind of party that they’ll be headed to. They might want to dress appropriately for the party, after all! Get these invites at Amazon.

2. Add a fantasy signpost

The décor should express the magic of a fairy forest party. Why not add a signpost at the party entrance? Make sure that each of the arrows point to other familiar enchanted worlds—everywhere from the Fairy Kingdom to the Land of Unicorns. Finally, don’t forget to add an arrow leading into the party itself! Get signs like those at Etsy.

3. Fairy lights are a must-have at an enchanted fairy forest party!

They’re called “fairy lights” for a reason: they are tiny and twinkle like glittering fairies floating all around. They will always be a must-have addition to any fairy party, especially a forest one. String fairy lights around the party area and tables, or set them into jars like little fireflies to add as centerpieces to the party tables. Get a set of jars just like these at Amazon.

4. Set out a “green carpet”

As this is a fairy party in the forest, you might want to roll out a carpet for the fairies; a moss carpet, that is! A moss table runner like this one will be the most perfect detail to add to the tables, especially the banquet tables where the cake and all the food will be. Paired with wooden or rustic serving items, it really makes the whole event feel even more woodsy and magical. Get it at Amazon.

5. Set the scene with a grand forest tapestry

Whether its indoors or outdoors, you’ll want to set the scene with a massive tapestry or photo wall like this one; it’s designed to look precisely like an enchanted fairy forest, complete with animal friends in the distance. The party guests will be thrilled to have such a lovely spot to take photos in or they will admire it as a lovely backdrop to the party itself. Get it at Amazon.

FG JUL 18 2019 enchanted forest party 6-106. Sprinkle fairy magic on the party treats with fairy cupcake toppers

Don’t forget to add some magic to the food as well! These beautiful fairy cupcake toppers will surely delight the guests. They’ll look beautiful, hovering over the sweets with all their delicate fairy magic, and looking as though the dessert table was filled with fluttering fairies. A great idea is to add a fairy of a different color to every cupcake flavor. Everyone will want to try and collect them all! Get the cake toppers at Amazon.

7. Even the utensils must be in theme in this enchanted forest

To make things feel even more woodsy and enchanted, serve up party plates that look just like little wooden plates. These pretty ones will be perfect for such an event, letting the guests feel as though they were holding their own wooden fairy dish, loaded with delicious things. Don’t forget to pair them with wooden or bamboo party utensils as well to maintain the look. And they’re biodegradable too! Get the plates at Amazon.

8. Add wings to every visitor

Wouldn’t it be lovely if every little guest had their own pair of fairy wings? It’s an enchanted fairy party, after all! Add a pair of wings to every seat around every table, so that every little guest will find their own pair of wings ready and waiting for them. The whole party will soon become filled with colorful little fairies running around. Get the wings in a set at Amazon.

9. Crown them with flowers

Add a touch of unicorn magic to the party as well. In lieu of party hats, make this enchanted fairy party even more dazzling by giving everyone flower crowns or magical crowns. They’re quite the departure from the usual hats and will make everyone feel a little bit more special. Unicorn crowns like these will add even more magic—they’ll love to wear them and take them home to be worn again and again. Get the crowns at Amazon.

10. Give them all their own magic

Finally, as a last and most wonderful party favor for the little fairies to receive, give them all a magical fairy wand. It’s a beautiful, shimmering party favor that they’ll start using right away during the party. Give them the full fairy transformation and let them enjoy the magic through these shining wands. Get sets of them at Etsy.

Fairy magic will always make any party so much brighter and more special! Don’t forget to visit the Fairy Garden Amazon store to see more magical fairy items and get them for yourself; they’ll make great decoration and toppers for the party too!

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