The Summer’s Best Mermaid Items and Inspirations

Now that summer has finally come, the beaches have come alive. The most wonderful of magical sea creatures would be splashing and playing just beneath the surface, singing in the moonlight and calling playfully with their lovely voices.

Mermaids have long since captivated the imagination of believers in magic and enchantment. They remain as one of the pinnacles of beauty, mystery, and the awesome power of the sea and tide. Myths and stories all over the world feature the otherworldly magic of mermaids, and thousands upon thousands of reference in pop culture continue to cultivate their magic among us happy land dwellers.

So if you’re looking to add some mermaid magic to life every day or out at your next summer excursion out to the beach, we’ve got quite a few goodies in store for you! Have a look at some of these mermaid items that are so captivating, you’d swear you’d heard a siren song in a distance.

FG Jun 3 2019 mermaid 1-51. Mermaid Tail Hair Clips

You may be walking on two legs, but if you’ve that flowing mermaid hair, you might want to let people know about your mermaid magic with these adorable hair clips! They’re shaped just like mermaid’s tails, formed into bows, and come in a variety of sparkles and iridescent features. Tie those locks back and stroll over the beach like you’ve just swapped your tail for legs! Get them at Etsy.

2. Mermaid Hair Scrunchie

It’s bound to be very warm during the summer days, and if you’ve got long hair, you’ll definitely be feeling the heat. You can keep those gorgeous flowing locks away from your face with this clever and adorable hair scrunchie! It’s just covered with holographic “mermaid scale” sequins that catch the sunlight and shimmer like the waves. It’s also great to keep a lot of hair up, keeping you cool. Get it at Etsy.

3. Abalone Mermaid Necklace

This beautiful necklace, with a golden mermaid molded on top of a beautiful, multicolored inlay, is a wonderful piece of summer jewelry. The inlay is actually the inside of an abalone shell, which is naturally rainbow-colored and iridescent. It’s an underwater treasure that’s now an overwater adornment for a mermaid-loving gal. Get it at Etsy.

4. Mermaid Green Crystal Geode Box

You can place all your shiny thingamabobs and mermaid jewelry into this mystical-looking, sparkling mermaid jewel box. It may look like a shimmering stone on the outside, but the inside reveals it to be a geode, stuffed full of glistening crystals that set of a veritable aurora of underwater sea colors. Filled with jewelry and precious things, it’s going to look just like mermaid treasure. Get it at Etsy.

5. Turquoise Double Anklet

Perhaps you’re feeling as though you’re secretly a mermaid, walking down the beach with your new human legs, seeking out your prince charming. But you still want to let your fellow mermaids know that you’re one of them! This subtle touch, a double-looped anklet with turquoise beads, turquoise starfish and a fish tail, will let them know—your legs might turn into a tail in the water! Get it at Etsy.

FG Jun 3 2019 mermaid 6-106. Mermaid Tail Mug

Mermaids, human or not, definitely need to stay hydrated. Perhaps as a human, you won’t dry out as quickly, but under the blistering heat of the summer sun, especially at the beach, you’ll want to make sure you’re drinking a lot of water! Motivate yourself to take a few sips throughout the day with this lovely green mermaid tail mug, outlined in gold. Get it at Etsy.

7. Mermaid Dreams Face, Body, and Hair Glitter

Now this is one item that will really get you feeling like a mermaid: it’s a big helping of brilliant blue and green chunky glitter, ready to be applied over a cheek, a shoulder, or even in your hair. With this wonderful glitter spread over your skin, you’ll sparkle brilliantly under the sun of the beach, or under the moonlight during the seaside evenings. Get it at Etsy.

8. Mermaid Scale Drawstring Backpack

Heading out to the beach? You want to travel light, and travel comfortably. You’ll need a nice little bag to pack away your towel, swimsuit, flipflops, or even a tube of sunblock or a bottle of water. Bring along this beautiful drawstring backpack that will fit all the essentials. It’s covered in multichrome mermaid scales that change color in the light and the angles, like magic. Get it at Etsy.

9. A Mermaid Tail Skirt

We can’t all dance under the water, twisting and swirling in the waves like mermaids do, but we can dance over the water and still feel as graceful and magical! You’ll get an extra special dose of that mermaid magic with this splendid mermaid tail dancing skirt, shaped just like a mermaid’s tail and covered in beautiful, shiny, metallic blue scales. Get it at Etsy.

10. Mermaid Monofin

And now, the absolute must-have for any girl who wants to transform into a mermaid: an actual mermaid tail that you can swim around in! The tail itself is made of a comfortable, flexible material that will allow you to move and swim with it underwater. It’s covered in blue and green scales, with the tail hand painted. Inside is an actual, swimmable monofin that will help you beat the water and stay swimming, just like a mermaid would. Get the custom tail at Etsy.

With all these beautiful, breathtaking items, you could very well be mistaken for a mermaid yourself when you head out onto the beach! All these wonderful things are carefully handmade at Etsy, and imbued with the magic of people who love mermaids as much as you do. Now hit the waves and sing a song!

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