It’s A Fairy Beach Trip this Summer!

It’s time to hit the beach this summer, and even the fairies are anxious to get to the sands at the edge of the water. Hula fairies have already flown ahead, and both pirates and mermaids have started to emerge out of the warm ocean waters. The fairies certainly wouldn’t want to be left out of all the incredible adventures at the shore. It’s time to help them prepare for a wonderful trip to the beach for a few days. It would be nice to get away from the forests and get a change of view. After all, all that wide open fresh seaside air, the softness of the sand between their toes, the splash of the water, and seeing all the fascinating beach critters would do anyone a world of good.

Get ready for a fairy beach trip with these wonderful seaside essentials!

1. The Fairy Beach Tiki Hut

First, there must be a place for the visiting fairies to live in for a few days out at the beach. This lovely little tiki hut is the perfect little vacation home. It suits the surroundings perfectly, and is roomy enough to hold a bunch of fairies. Imagine waking up in this quaint little hut to see the sun rising out of the watery horizon, the call of seabirds, and the sounds of the waves lapping on the shore! Get the little hurt at Etsy.

2. A Fairy Beach Fire Pit

If the sunrises at the beach are breathtaking, the evenings will be positively magical. This little fairy fire pit will flicker through the evening light, as the sun sinks down at the west. With only the light of the fire, the moon, and the stars, the fairies can watch the mermaids rise to the surface, singing their melodic songs and their magical bioluminescence glimmering in the waves! Get the fire pit at Etsy.

3. Fairy Beach Sign

Not every beach can be a fairy beach! These special places are tucked away, usually hidden from curious humans. It takes an extra special fairy friend to find the little sign that announces that yes, this is a fairy beach! It’s a safe place for fairies to come and visit for the summer (no one wants to be trampled by giant human beachgoers!), and also a great spot for mermaids to come and surface to say hello. See it at Etsy.

4. A Little Swim Ring

Since they’re always in the woods or the gardens, and often use their wings to fly, it’s not a surprise that some fairies just don’t know how to swim. As they hit the shallows, learning how to paddle and splash in the waters, have to be quite careful as the waves and currents may carry them away! They can hold onto a little life ring like this one. Certainly a mermaid friend would be willing to hold them steady in the water. Get the ring at Etsy.

5. A Fantastic Fairy Surfboard

But of course, for experienced fairies, the ones who always go to the beach during the summer, there’s more fun to be had in the water than just swimming! They’ll grab a surfboard just like this one, rush to the waves and start surfing along! The best part of fairy surfing? You won’t have to worry about wipeouts—you can just fly away before you get knocked over! Get a surfboard for fairies at Etsy.

6. The Magic Sandcastle

All it takes is a little bit of sparkling fairy dust and some sandcastle magic will begin. Fairies can build beautiful, elaborate sandcastles with their magic, just like this one. The little fortresses will sit right at the edge of the beach. Through magic, they won’t be washed away by the tide unless the fairy wants it to. It’ll stay perfect until the end of a fun beach day. See it at Etsy.

7. Fairy Flip Flops

The sun can beat down hard on a fairy beach. There’s hardly any shade other than the palm trees after all. The sand can get very hot especially at noon. And some fairies will tire of flying over the sands. That’s why everyone makes sure to pack some pairs of fair flip flops with them. They’re pretty, colorful, and fit the beach atmosphere perfectly! Get a pair of them at Etsy.

8. Big Bright Beach Umbrella

When the sun is just too hot, even fairies might burn up! Everyone will want some shade to duck under when the sun blazes down on the sand and sea, so fairies bring these beautiful beach umbrellas. All in bright little colors, they’re the perfect canopies to duck under. They’ll lay out a mat beneath one and lay back for some rest, or even have a snack before heading back in the water. See some at                Etsy.

9. A Fairy Beach Chair

Other fairies take the relaxation even further on this beach vacation. A comfy chair like this one is just the thing to place under a big beach umbrella. They can lay their towel, hat, and flip flops right on it while they’re out swimming, or they can rest in it once they’re tired and looking for a nice afternoon nap to the sounds of the seaside. Get the chair at Etsy!

10. Colorful Beach Pails

Pails are a must-have item to bring on a fairy beach trip! They can be used to hold sunscreen potion, they can be used to make sandcastles, and they can even be used to hold collected seashells. Sometimes a little crab or turtle might wander too far off from the sea; the pail will be handy for scooping them up and bringing them back into the water. Get the pails at Etsy.

There’s so much to see, to do, and to enjoy out on a fairy beach party. All the fairies deserve to have a nice, fun vacation by the sea after working so hard during spring, after all. Now they can play, enjoy the sun, and meet wonderful mermaids who would be more than happy to come and share the wonders of the sea with them!

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