Lovely Lakeside Days in a Fairy Garden

When springtime and summer days go long, the mind starts to think of idyllic scenery shimmering under the sunbeams. It’s not always about the beaches, after all. Some fairies, who are looking forward to enjoying the lush greenery of the forests that they have made their home in, will turn towards the sights of a lakeside. Surrounded by mountains or dense trees, all green and dappled in the sunlight as the beams glimmer off the peaceful lake waters, a day in a lakeside is a tranquil paradise.

It’s not a wonder that some fairies like to come to a lakeside, magical or not, just to enjoy the beautiful transcendent magic of nature, but also to relax in the quiet, cool atmosphere of the lake. On lazy lakeside days, a fairy might encounter these sights:

1. The Lakeside Dock

After emerging from the dense forests, the trees open out to a brilliant, crystal blue lake. Sunlight sparkles over the water, turning it into a large, rippling gemstone. Out over the water is a lovely dock where you can walk out over the water and enjoy the sunshine and the breeze coming off of the waters of this enchanted lake. See the dock at the Fairy Garden.

2. Welcome to the Lake!

A sign is standing in the lakeside sand. It welcomes visitors to the Fairy Lake, where the waters have their own enchantment. Visitors know that they’ve come to the right place. It’s important to remember, however, that not just anyone can come to a fairy lake. You have to be someone that the fairies truly trust as a friend! Catch the sign at the Fairy Garden.

3. The Fishing Fairy

If you take a stroll along the banks of the lake, perhaps in the shady nooks where rocks jut out over the water, you might see this young fairy sitting there. He’s waiting for a nibble on his fishing line, as he does his best to catch tonight’s dinner. There’s nothing like fresh fish, just caught from the clear blue waters of the lake, to enjoy grilled over a fire! Meet him at the Fairy Garden.

4. A Fairy Fishing Creel

Next to this young fairy is his fishing creel. It’s where he places the catch of the day, keeping the fish from flopping around and getting sand. As you can see, he’s already pulled in quite a few fish! Perhaps he’s expecting some guests for dinner. It won’t be long before more fairies or fairy friends come to visit the lakeside, after all! See the creel at the Fairy Garden.

5. A Fairy Cooler with Drinks

Fishing is hot work! Even if you’re sitting under the shade of a nice tree, a fairy would be waiting quite a while before a nibble comes to his fishing line. This handy little magical cooler, full of enchanted ice and drinks, will provide a fairy and a friend with plenty of cold drinks to enjoy while chatting, waiting for a bite. The enchantment makes it so that the ice would never melt, and the drinks stay cold! See it at the Fairy Garden.

6. A Fairy Canoe

Look a little closer: sitting at the pebbles and sand of the lakeside is what initially appears to be a piece of birchwood bark. But a close inspection will reveal it to be a hand-crafted fairy canoe. If the fish aren’t nibbling out by the shore, the fishing fairy might board his boat and row out tranquilly to the middle of the lake, where there might be a better chance of catching fish. See the boat at Etsy.

7. The Little Lake Mouse

While out in his boat, the fishing fairy might meet some of his fairies! Here is a little forest mouse, also rowing away over the lake. The mouse isn’t searching for fish; this is just his morning commute as he heads to other areas of the lakeside in order to gather some more nuts and berries to eat. But he might stop by for dinner with the fairy later! Meet the mouse at Etsy.

8. The Mother Swan and her Cygnet

Another neighbor who lives at the lakeside is this mother swan looking after her precious little cygnet. He appears to be her only baby this year, and his mother loves him very much. She gathers plenty of food around the lake for him to eat, and sometimes, the fishing fairy shares some of his bait worms with her. The mother and her cygnet could be seen swimming peacefully around the water together. Meet them at Etsy.

9. A Lakeside Cabin

Once all the fish for dinner had been caught, the fishing fairy heads back to the shore. If you follow him, you’ll see his house; a lovely little cabin that sits by the lake, not too far from the dock! It stands on stone skids so it stays above water in case the waters go up during summer rains. In here, the fairy will clean the fish and get it ready for the meal. See the house at Etsy.

10. The Fire Pit by the Lake

Finally, the fairy will emerge out of the cabin to sit with the visitors around this little fire pit by the lake. Everyone can tell wonderful stories, roast some marshmallows over the crackling flames, grill the freshly caught fish, and enjoy the colors of the sky as twilight falls around the lake. During the summer months, fireflies even show up to hover around everyone, casting twinkling magical lights all over the lake. See the fire pit at Etsy.

Heading to the lakeside may be one of the best ways to enjoy the wonder and peacefulness of nature. The lake has its own kind of healing magic, and it’s no wonder that fairies enjoy visiting it to enjoy the long days of summer.

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