Find the Ideal Solar Fairy Home for the Summer

As the sun shines more and more throughout spring and summer, a solar fairy home that makes use the power of the sun appears to be the most sensible home for a fairy to live in—even fairies would agree! As their own magic comes from the wonderful powers of nature, it makes sense that even their homes, already made from things found all around us in nature, will make use of the all-natural magic of sunshine.

As the sun beams brightly down onto the little hidden fairy houses, solar magic will fill the little home, storing its golden glow within its walls until night falls, where the home will still continue to glow in sunshine. Have a look at some of the different solar fairy homes that fairies might like to live in this summer:

1. The Towering Tree-House

A solar fairy home hidden in the trees like this one is ideal for fairies that do a whole lot of flying. They might be messengers or guardians of the forest, who need to be up high and overseeing what goes on in the woods. Its thatched roof peeks through the greenery, and its wonderful golden glow of solar-powered light will be a welcome beacon home during the evenings. See it at the Fairy Garden.

2. The Farmhouse of Sunshine

If there’s anywhere that will need quite a lot of power to keep going, it’s a farm! With so many crops and animals living and growing within it, a farm needs lots of energy and sunshine to function. This solar farmhouse keeps the golden farmhouse glowing brightly through the night, with plenty of energy left over to help care for the animals too. Get it at the Fairy Garden.

3. The Flower Solar Fairy Home

Fairies tend to make homes out of virtually anything around the forest, and they seem to be particular to homes made of things that look inconspicuous. This little solar fairy home is made out of an upturned blossom, with its petal pink roof attracting dragonflies and butterflies. This flowery home will glow like magic in the evenings through the stored sunshine within. Get it at the Fairy Garden.

4. The Mushroom Fairy Home

Mushroom fairies live in very efficient homes! Mushrooms don’t really need a whole lot of sunshine to keep growing, so this little solar fairy home made out of one won’t need a whole lot it either. That means that even if the days are cloudy or rainy, a mushroom fairy might still have some stored sunshine left over to keep the power on! See the home at the Fairy Garden.

5. A Solar Hydrant Home

City fairies, who have to be a little extra creative with where they make their hidden homes, definitely need to use a solar fairy home. Living in the city will require quite a lot of power to keep a home running, and a fairy might tire themselves out using magic! A solar powered home, like this little hydrant, will definitely keep the city fairy lights twinkling. See it at the Fairy Garden.

6.  The Silver Solar Birch Home

A castle like this one carved into a silver birch tree, would also benefit a great deal from drawing power from the sun. As the Fairy King and Queen might tell you, running a castle takes no small amount of magic. Perhaps it can be helped along with the use of some handy solar power! See the birch castle with its lovely towers at the Fairy Garden.

7. The Country Fairy Solar Cottage

Out in the countryside, around the rolling hills, meadows and plains, there is more than enough sunshine. The bright open spaces have no hindrances to the direct light of the sun. Fairies living in a solar fairy home like this thatched cottage would have a surplus of power that will make their home bright, twinkling like a firefly over the meadows. See it at the Fairy Garden.

8. The Little Gazebo

This is a very tiny shelter, perhaps fit for the beach or the lakeside. These are places with quite a great deal of sunshine as well during the sunny days. The little shelter can take in all the bright sunshine in the day, and at night, it glows bright by the water. A group of fairy friends on vacation might enjoy sitting under it to share a meal under the golden glow. See it at the Fairy Garden.

9. The Sunshine Inn

A little inn or fairy hotel will certainly need quite a lot of power during the day or night! Especially as it’s the season for vacations and trips out of town. Many fairies would be nestling under its roof. A solar powered inn like this one will get to enjoy plenty of power from the sunshine that will keep the inn running like clockwork, with all the guests comfortable. See it at the Fairy Garden.

10. Solar Cactus House

There’s nowhere in the whole world that gets more direct sunshine than the deserts. Fairies living in these hot climates get so much sunshine that it just makes sense to make use of that power for their homes! This little cactus house, belonging to a desert fairy or two, will have plenty of power throughout the entire year! See it at Etsy.

A solar fairy home might be the loveliest thing to add to a fairy garden. Not only will it make a very charming home for fairies, but it also stays as bright as the sunshine it receives. The power of nature makes brilliant fairy magic!

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