How to Hold a Fairy Pool Party

Now that the summer days are on fast approach and a lot of fairies are looking to cool off after working so hard under the sun, why not throw them a little pool party in the fairy garden? All the wonderful fairies in the garden would surely enjoy being able to splash in some cool water, spend time with friends, and have some good clean fun in the sun. Make sure to bring the food and cold drink, and they’ll come flying in to have fun in the pool!

Here is everything you’ll need to throw a little pool party in your fairy garden:

1. The Fairy Swimming Pool and Slide

You can’t have a pool party without the pool! Though a little pond in your fairy garden will do as well, this fun, multi-sided little pool will also be a great addition. It even comes with its very own pool slide! Fairies would be thrilled to fly up to the top and slide down, ending up with a big splash into the cool water, again and again in the party! Get it at Etsy.

2. A Pool Party Cabana

While enjoying the pool party, some of the fairies might get a little tired from the splashing. Set up a cabana or two nearby so they can rest in it. It’s also a nice place for friends to sit in and snack on some food as they relax and gather strength back up for another round down the slide or another swim in the water. Get it at Etsy.

3. A Pool Party Sign

Make sure that the fairies know where to go! Sign like this one will direct other fairies who might not have heard about it to head for the pool party. The more guests that come to the party, the merrier! Make sure it’s planted neatly where fairies can see and easily be directed to the gathering. Get it at Etsy.

4. Tiny Towels and Bright Beach Balls

Everyone will also want a beach towel or two, perhaps to dry off or to sit down at the edge of the pool in. Make sure everyone has their own beach towel for the party, so no one has to go without. You might also want to get a beach ball or two, so that everyone has a ball to play with in the water! Get both at Etsy.

5. A Poolside Umbrella

Some brilliant umbrellas will also give everyone some much needed shade. Perhaps an umbrella or two could hang over the pool itself, in case the sun gets a little too hot and someone wants some shade while still in the water. Umbrellas can also be put up around the pool party, over some beach chairs, for fairies to recline under. Get one at Etsy.

6. Bubbly, Dotty Bikinis

Swimsuits are a must-have for a pool party! Everyone would want to bring their own, of course, but sudden visitors might not have brought their own. They might have seen the sign and then decided to fly in! Have some of these cute fairy bikinis or two in hand to make sure everyone has something nice to wear. Get them at Etsy.

7. Cute Swan Floaties

In case a fairy or two get tired of swimming around, these adorable swan-shaped pool floaties will let them enjoy bobbing around the surface of the water. They can just hope into one of these pool rings and float around at their leisure. They’re also very helpful for fairies who don’t really know how to swim—they’re better at flying, after all! See them at Etsy.

8.  Delicious Iced Tea

It gets really warm out at these parties, and all that swimming and splashing around will make anyone tired. Quench their thirst in the pool party with some ice-cold pitchers and glasses full of iced tea. Fairy iced tea is quite special: just a little bit of magic is all it takes to keep the drink cold and keep the ice cubes from melting away. Get them at Etsy.

9. Perfectly Precious Popsicles

These cold, deliciously sweet, jewel-toned popsicles will bring a smile to everyone’s faces at the pool party. They’re flavored will all the delicious berries and fruits of the spring and summer days. Who wouldn’t say no to a nice frozen Popsicle to eat while sitting on the edge of the pool, legs dangling in the water, while under the summer sun? Get some at Etsy.

10. Hamburgers for Hungry Fairies!

In case anyone wants something a little more filling, some freshly grilled burgers will hit the spot. After all, all that swimming, running, and flying around the water will help anyone work up a good appetite. Have a pile of these delicious burgers ready for all the guests at your pool party! Get them at Etsy.

There’s nothing like a fun, exhilarating pool party to truly enjoy the summer days. The fairies will surely have a great time in this splendid event prepared just for them!

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