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What’s In A Fairy Breakfast?

Have you ever wondered what fairies have for breakfast? You might be surprised to find out that just like you and me, a fairy breakfast consists of familiar, delicious foods that help fairies start their day—just smaller than human portions! Fairies in the fairy garden enjoy a good, filling, and sweet meal for the day so they can begin work on their errands for this summer.

Just have a look at this fairy breakfast spread laid out. It’s got everything they need to get them fueled throughout the day, spread out in an appetizing set.

FG May 31 2019 1-3 fairy breakfast1. A Box of Cornflakes

Fairies like cornflakes too! In fact, they could probably make some for themselves as fairy farms can grow corn too. But there’s no harm in just going out to pick up a box of regular cornflakes from a fairy land grocery store! See it with the set at Etsy.

2. Frosted, Sugary Cornflakes

Of course, there has to be a sweet, sugary option. Fairies are well known for their sweet tooth, after all! Some frosted flakes, covered in white sugar, would be just the thing to throw into a bowl for that morning energy rush. Get it with the set at Etsy.

3. Glazed Doughnuts

There’s nothing like some sweet doughnuts, fresh out of the fairy baker’s oven, to add to a fairy breakfast spread. Pull apart the warm, soft bread and dip the pieces in some coffee or hot cocoa. Sweet start to the day! See them with the set at Etsy.

FG May 31 2019 4-6 fairy breakfast4. Healthy Breakfast Bowls of Cornflakes

Whether they prefer regular or frosted, a fairy’s cereal bowl isn’t complete without some good fresh milk straight from the fairy farm, and a slice of banana with some berries tossed in. A healthy, well-balanced meal! See the bowls in Etsy.

5. Fancy Fairy Spoons

Every meal in the fairy world is special. So fairies like to eat with shiny cutlery, even when it’s just a regular day. See these fancy spoons with the set at Etsy.

6. A Polka Dotted Placemat

To make the whole spread so much more colorful and inviting, a warm red, lovely placemat has been set beneath the meal. Seeing such a pretty breakfast table laid out first thing in the morning will whet anyone’s appetite! Get it with the set at Etsy.

Not quite into cornflakes? Here are some more varieties of fairy breakfasts that the local fairies in your own fairy garden might be interested in.

FG May 31 2019 4-6 fairy breakfast 7-107. A Colorful Fairy Brunch

Sometimes fairies end up sleeping in. No matter: brunch is here to get them started with the day. With cups of cocoa topped with whipped cream, hard boiled eggs, and even frosted cupcakes laid out, it’s a great bridge between breakfast and lunch! Get the set at Etsy.

8. Coffee and a Fairy Breakfast Sub

A pot of bubbling, freshly brewed coffee goes very well with a crisp, warm, breakfast sub of ham and lettuce. This is much needed for fairies on the go who don’t really have time to prepare a full meal; and they can take their sandwiches to go too! Get the meal at Etsy.

9. A Buttered Toast and Jam Fairy Breakfast

For fairies that want their breakfasts extra sweet, there’s nothing like hot, golden toast, made from freshly baked bread, covered with a pat of fresh butter. There’s a side of homemade raspberry jam to smother the toast, and a tall mug of milk. Get the meal at Etsy.

10. Eggs, Bacon, and Sausage Fairy Breakfast

Then there’s the good old, greasy standby: a breakfast of sunny side up, strips of bacon, fried tomato and a couple of sausages. Fairies who need the extra energy will enjoy a fully loaded meal like this one to get them going! Get the meal at Etsy.

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