Summer Fruit and Wine in the Fairy Garden

When the sun is beaming brightly from the sky, casting a golden glow onto fairy gardens everywhere, it’s nice to go out on a picnic and enjoy some fruit and wine out in the summer breeze. This splendid scene will bring joy to every fairy in the garden, serving up a delicious spread of wine, fruit, and cheese. It’s a fancy picnic that no one could say no to, especially with such fresh delectable treats in store.

It has everything a picnic needs: a mat, the fruit and wine, a wonderful wedge of cheese, and even the right glasses for the meal. Have a look at what’s spread out for the fairies that will be partaking in this lovely summery treat.

FG May 27 2019 1-5 fruit and wine1. The Rustic Chopping Block

The whole setup of delicious fruit and wine is centered around a lovely little chopping block. It’s made of a slice of tree trunk, fitting in perfectly with the scenery. It even comes with a perfect golden fairy knife to cut the food. It comes with the set at Etsy.

2. A Wedge of Fairy Cheese

Fairy cheeses are particularly rich, creamy, and somehow magically perfect in taste even when made fresh. This is because it comes from the fairy farms, where the cows were tended to by the good fairy farmers. Enjoy the wedge of cheese with the set at Etsy.

3. A Fairy Baguette

A French loaf, or a baguette, is also part of the picnic. It’s been baked fresh out of the ovens of the finest fairy bakers, so its crisp crust is still warm when the fairies head out for the picnic. It goes perfectly with the cheese and wine. See it with the set at Etsy.

4. Finest Grapes for Fruit and Wine

It’s not fruit and wine without the fruit! A bunch of the ripest, most luscious grapes straight out of the royal fairy vineyards is just the thing for the picnic. They’ll be the perfect complement for the cheese and wine. It comes with the set at Etsy.

5. Delicious Sandwiches

Not in the mood for the cheese or the fruit? Some freshly toasted sandwiches, with ham, cheese and lettuce, are a wonderful snack to eat out on the picnic. Two pieces of them come with the set at Etsy.

FG May 27 2019 6-9 fruit and wine6. Golden Summery Wine

Straight out of the same royal vineyards, two bottles of golden summer wine is bundled in with this picnic. Carefully crafted by the wine experts of the kingdom, using the golden glory of the sunshine to color it, it’s an ideal taste of summer. See it with the set at Etsy.

7. Two Crystal Glasses Of Wine

The wine is carefully poured into a pair of crystal glasses. Drinking the delicious wine from these elegant crystal glasses adds the perfect touch to the picnic. The fairies can enjoy sipping out of the glasses while enjoying bites of fruit. Two glasses come with the set at Etsy.

8. Fresh Summer Peaches

Straight from the fairy farms of the south, given as gifts by the farmers, is this pair of luscious peaches. They’re the sweetest, softest peaches in the kingdom, and they’re just bursting with the sweet taste of summer with every bite. See it at Etsy.

9. A Checked Picnic Mat

Everything is placed on top of a lovely picnic mat with a brown and white plaid décor. It ties together the whole scene, making it perfectly picturesque, and urging fairies coming by the come join in on a celebration of summer fruit and wine. See it with the set at Etsy.

The fairies of the garden will enjoy this wonderful treat as the afternoon sun shines golden and bright, just like the wine. There’s many more wonderful summer goodies to come and enjoy!

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