Pots and Planters for a Fairy Garden

Plenty of new fairies moving into your fairy garden, especially now that summer is nigh? Perhaps it’s time to bring in some new places and furnishings for the garden where fairies can live, work and play! A fresh set of planters during spring and summer, when the plants will have plenty of sunshine opportunity to grow and flourish, will be a delight to any fairy garden. After all, it’s something new to explore and move into for the fairies that live there!

Have a look at some of the lovely pots and planters to add to a Fairy Garden:

1. A Fancy Roman Urn

This brown urn, which looks as though it has been lifted straight out of an ancient palace, will certainly add to the fairytale atmosphere of a fairy garden. Filling it with fountains of greenery or loading it with blossoms makes it look like a summer cornucopia. Get it at The Fairy Garden.

2. The Box Shelf Planters

Quaint, rustic, and colorful, these planters which come in the shape of wood drawers are just the thing to add to a garden with fairies that prefer to be inconspicuous. Who would ever think that old drawers would have fairies playing about within it? Get the planters at the Fairy Garden.

3. The Good Boy Planter

Dog lovers everywhere will love having a planter like this one for their garden. A dachshund-shaped planter is the best boy to not just protect the plants in your garden. A good dog like this little plant-holding guy will make all the fairies safer too. Get it at the Fairy Garden.

4. The Stone Hut

But when it comes to places where fairies can live, some planters can come with a home on their own! Take this lovely stone-fenced planter has a little hut within it, fit for a fairy to live in. When full of plants, the planter becomes the hut’s own lovely garden. See it at Amazon.

5. The Potted Castle

What fairy wouldn’t want to live in their very own castle? In this lovely planter, a grand stone staircase swirls upwards to a lovely little fairy castle.  Once full of succulents or greenery, it’s going to transform into a fairytale hill home. See it at Amazon.

6. The Asian Cottages

For Far-East-inspired fairy gardens, this planter is a must-have. Mimicking the steps carved out of the mountains in China which lead up to mountainside villages, this planter leads up to a small set of Asian, slope-roofed homes. The spaces could be filled with tiny plants or koi ponds too! Get it at Amazon.

7. The Alpine House

In the western counterpart of the previous planter, this one looks like a home from a mountain village. The layered steps lead up to charming alpine fairy homes. Wouldn’t it be nice to see the planter filled with tiny pines or conifers? Get the planter at Amazon.

8. Tree Village Planter

This is a camouflaged planter that would look perfect on top of a tree stump. It’s ideal for fairies who love living in trees. Not only does it look part of the tree, but once it’s filled with plants, it’ll blend right in and give fairies a safe and cozy home. Get it at Amazon.

9. The Rock House

Hidden inside a rock in this innocuous looking planter is a fairy home with its own rooms. The planter itself transforms into a perfect little garden for the fairy living the home, and even comes with its own water grotto! A row of these would make such a charming village. Get it at Amazon.

10. The Fairy Village Tree Mansion

This planter has room for more than one fairy family to move into! The bonsai that seems to be growing from this planter is actually a fairy home of multiple levels, and the plants grown in the planter itself will shelter the mansion from sight. Get it at Amazon.

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