Meet the Unicorns Around the Fairy World

It’s the season for unicorns, as the evenings turn a little cooler, and the shyer creatures of the magical world start stepping out to explore and graze through the evening woods. Unicorns are splendid, enchanting beings that have been a longtime friend of the fairies. Where humans have their horses, who are wonderful companions who aid them in everyday life, and are cared for lovingly like family, fairies have the rare unicorns. While a unicorn or a winged unicorn would sometimes draw a royal fairy carriages, unicorns do not typically work the same as farm horses do. Instead, they help the fairies through their own breathtaking magic.

Let’s step into the world of unicorns and fairies around the Fairy World:

1.  The Unicorn Door

Step up to the doorway of the Fairy World that leads to the meadows and pastures where the unicorns roam. Fairies tend to keep this area particularly secret, since unicorns are so magical, yet so strangely vulnerable that they can’t allow just anyone to come and see them. Only special fairy friends can go exploring here. See it at Etsy.

2. Unicorn Crossing

Once someone has stepped in through the door, they will be met by a long stretch of open meadow that’s almost blue green in the evening moonlight, with fireflies dotting the area. A sign says “Unicorn Crossing”, which indicates that the visitor must be vigilant, as unicorns and their fairies may be cantering by. See it at Etsy.

3. Princess Eyela and her Unicorn

A fairy with glimmering teal blue wings, holding a royal staff made of lavender, might come trotting up to you with her unicorn—a splendid mare with a flowing rose and teal mane, with a braided tail and her short golden horn looking like a crown. Princess Eyela oversees the unicorns and their care in the kingdom. Meet her at the Fairy Garden.

4. Unicorn of the Evening

Next, you might see a beautiful white unicorn with swirling dark tendrils of vine and flowers around her flanks. She’s a dusky white color, and accompanied by an evening fairy. The unicorn and the fairy both have the magic to set the beauty of the evening, making nighttime flowers bloom, and clearing the clouds to fill the night with stars. Meet them at the Fairy Garden.

5. The Sky Unicorn

If you hear a whinny high above you in the clouds, don’t be alarmed; it’s a sky unicorn, with his chocolate mane and dusty chocolate legs. With him is a raven-haired sky fairy, and together, the two of them race over the winds and the clouds up above, stirring up the air currents as they ride. Meet them at the Fairy Garden.

6. The Meadow Unicorn

What appears to be a huge pile of white dotted with daisies is actually a unicorn at rest. You’ll only see her when she raises her head and her silvery horn sparkles. This is a meadow unicorn, and with the help of a green-robed meadow fairy, they use their magic to tend to meadows and moors, filling them with flowers in the spring. Meet them in the Fairy Garden.

7. The Flower Unicorn

Similar to the meadow-tending specie, the flower unicorn, with its mane of purple glitter, golden horn and purple gemstone right beneath, uses magic to urge flowers to grow and bloom. Accompanied by a lavender glitter-winged fairy, they both make the prettiest blossoms in the world grow into full color. Meet them at the Fairy Garden.

8. The Nectar Unicorn

This extra special unicorn is one you’ll have to look closely for. It’s pale peach color makes it almost disappear in the sunshine, as it does its best to visit the flowers and bestow special nectar (which turns into honey!) into them. This unicorn is usually accompanied by a butterfly fairy. So if you think you’re seeing a butterfly visiting the flowers, think again! Meet them at the Fairy Garden.

9. The Ballerina’s Unicorn

Listen closely, and you might find there’s music in the air. Look closely, and you’ll see the Elf Ballerina in a clearing in the woods, with her pink wings, dancing along. With her is her majestic bright pink-maned unicorn, with a long swirling horn. These two are the epitome of grace and elegance in the Fairy World, casting special fairy dust wherever they dance. Meet them at the Fairy Garden.

10. The Unicorn Foal

Finally, there is the young unicorn; not much more than a foal. It’s smaller than the others, with a still-stunted golden horn. But the young apprentice fairies that look after these foals do their best to make sure that these young unicorns grow strong and beautiful. They help each other grow their magic, and often form a bond that lasts a lifetime. Meet them at the Fairy Garden.

So many different varieties of unicorns can be found around the Fairy World, each one of them magical, spellbinding, and so beautiful. Perhaps if you look closely, you might find unicorns in your own fairy garden!

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