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Find the Most Magical Fairy Crowns

Who doesn’t want to feel like a fairy? Fairies are the most magical creatures in the world; they are tiny, mysterious, and full of incredible power. They have spun throughout our lore and fairytales, capturing the imagination of the world, and they continue to inspire everyone with their magic every day. So many people want to transform themselves into fairies, inspired by their glittering beauty, woodland charm, and royal demeanor. So why not crown yourself with a resplendent fairy crown that looks as though it were taken straight from a fairy’s treasure box, and proclaim yourself the king or queen of your very own fairy forest?

Have a look at some of the most magical fairy crowns you can find, and begin your own breathtaking fairytale as you wear them.

1. Princess of Roses Fairy Crowns

For all the flower fairies this summer, this crown is a must-have. It may not be as ornate as the others, but it’s still a beautiful crown of white and pink roses. Glittery lace forms the crown itself, making it simple but sweet, and no less magical than any of the other crowns. You might be even able to make it yourself! Conversely, you can just buy it at Etsy.

2. The Pink Fairy Crystal Crown

Fairy crystals are very special magical artifacts. Fairies often use them for fairy charms and wands in order to concentrate their already considerable magic. So an entire crown made of glimmering pink fairy crystals is surely something that only fairy royalty could ever hope to wear. This elegant crown is a showcase of beauty and magic. See it at Etsy.

3. The Friend of the Fairies Crown

If you’ve been a friend of fairies for a long time, they may just make this crown just for you. Carefully crafted by hand, made of lush greens and the tiniest, iridescent pink flowers, this is a crown of friendship. There’s even a fairy sitting right on the crown itself, arranging the flowers on it. It’s a truly special crown for a special fairy friend. Get it at Etsy.

4. The Monarch Butterfly Crown

Some of the most beautiful butterflies in the entire world are the monarch butterflies. For the fairy that has made friends with these magical, lovely insects, the butterflies themselves will form a shining, elaborate crown that seems to flutter with your flowing hair as you move. It’s an eye-catching spectacle fit for any fantasy. Get the crown at Etsy.

5. The Woodland Fairy Crown

The fairies of the dense, deep woodlands wear crowns like these. Elaborate, made of high branches and moss, with swirling vines and bluebirds sitting on them, the wearer appears to have stepped right out of a fairy grove from the deepest part of the wood. It showcases the deep woodland magic that only fairies who live within it could ever explain. Get the crown at Etsy.

6. The Crown Of Plenty

We know that the cornucopia is the horn of plenty, but fairies have a crown of plenty of their own! This beautiful, vibrantly colored crown is ideal for the summer, when all the fruits are bursting in the trees and flowers bloom everywhere. Butterflies flutter around the crown, which is fit for any fairy who has done the best work in helping summer come to life. Get the crown at Etsy.

7. The King of the Forest Crown

This somber, breathtaking crown looks just like the dense antlers that belong to the most majestic of forest stags. It’s encrusted in onyx-colored stones that blend into the shadow of the forest. Only the most powerful of fairy royalty residing in the forests could wear a crown like this one, which symbolizes the raw power and majesty found among the dense woods. Get it at Etsy.

8. The Dragon Master’s Crown

Dragons have been friends to fairies for eons. There are so few creatures who are as magical as themselves after all. Fairies look out for the dragons in areas where they co-exist, and the fairies who have done the best job of caring and communicating with the dragons earn this spectacular crown, with dragon horns and wings, and the strong black mithril dragonscales. Get it at Etsy.

9. The Ocean Queen Crown

Many mermaids in the oceans have crowns, as many fairies may have seen. They wear pearls or shells on their heads. But for the Queen of the Ocean, nothing less than an elaborate crown of corals, starfish, sea moss and jellyfish could be enough. It even has the log tendrils of sea crystals that flow down with her hair, rippling in the water as she swims throughout her dominion. Get one at Etsy.

10. The Unicorn’s Crown

Unicorns, who are also friends of fairies, have a unique gift: they can transform if needed, in order to keep themselves hidden. They are highly coveted after all, for everything about them, from their horns to their hooves, is magical. A unicorn transformed into a human, or even a fairy, would have a majestic crown like this one, covered in magic crystal, with the twisting horn rising upward from the forehead. Get it at Etsy.

These crowns are full of magic, beauty, and majesty. They’re fit for only the most wonderful of fairy friends to wear. What crown would you love to wear as you transform into a fairy yourself?

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