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Prepare a Fancy Fairy Dinner Party

Fairies are gathering together in this springtime evening! It’s a time of celebration, and fairies from all over are coming to visit to exult in the colors of the season. Every single one of the fairies had worked hard to bring the blooms and greens of the forests and gardens to life. Now that they’ve succeeded, it’s time to celebrate. This calls for a marvelous dinner party for the fairies under the twilight. It’s time to lay out a fine board of food and drink for a dinner party in the fairy garden, dedicated to all the wonderful fairies that have made our spring and summer gardens so magical and full of life.

1. A Fairy Dinner Party Setup

To start, the party must have a table big enough for everyone. Depending on how many fairies are living in a garden—perhaps you could estimate, counting how many little pairs of shoeprints on flower petals, the number of fluttering lights too big to be fireflies there are—the table and number of chairs for the party may be enough for a small group, or a long royal table. You can get this set at Etsy.

2. Silver Fairy Utensils

A celebratory fairy dinner party calls for the fancy tableware. Silver plates, spoons, forks and a knife, all carefully and ornately molded by the expert fairy craftsmen, are set down onto the table. There’s a place setting for each seat at the table, so each of the fairies will feel thoroughly pampered and honored at this party. Get the silver dining set at Etsy.

3. Ocean Blue Napkins

As it’s a proper sit-down dinner, everybody also needs their own napkins. These delicate napkins are the color of the ocean, and probably given as a gift by the mermaids themselves. Woven with sea silks, they will be a very elegant addition. Make sure to fold them or roll them into a pretty pattern to add another posh touch to the table! Get them at Etsy.

4. Gold or Silver Fairy Candelabra

These beautiful candelabra are essential for any fancy dinner party in the fairy world. You might want the silver one to match the plates, or the golden one for a royal feel. The candles never melt either, so they will stay flickering merrily all throughout dinner. Best of all, the fairies can enchant them to float over the table, so they can still cast light while not being in the way. Get them at Etsy.

5. A Flower Fairy Centerpiece

You can’t celebrate the blossoms of spring without an elegance centerpiece on the table that’s heaped with the most beautiful, everlasting blossoms straight from the fairy gardens. This centerpiece even features a fairy holding up the bowl of blossoms. The flowers will stay beautiful and blooming without wilting all through the night. Get it at Etsy.

6. A Perfect Cheese Board

A cheese board loaded with different varieties of the best cheeses in the kingdom is a must-have for this celebratory fairy dinner party. There is a wide assortment cheese from the different fairy farms, prepared and aged by some of the best artisans in the kingdom. There’s even an assortment of fruit and biscuits on the board. It’s the perfect appetizer. Get it at Etsy.

7. A Springtime Salad

Given that fairies tend to have quite a lot of green in their diet, it also makes sense to lay out a big salad for them during the appetizer course. A salad of the freshest greens from the fairy farms, along with some cherry tomatoes, black olives, and soft cheese, will be just the thing to get everyone’s appetite going for the main course. Get it at Etsy.

8. Bring Out the Royal Roast!

A tremendous roast, enough for all the fairies in the party to share, would be wheeled out to this elaborate dinner party. There is even a side of roast potatoes, some bread sticks, and even a tray full of pudding to enjoy with it. Don’t forget to bring along a pot of cranberry sauce or gravy, as well as a side of greens and carrots! Tuck in, everyone! Get the roast dinner at Etsy.

9. A Toast To Spring

Then, with everyone served, it’s time to clink some glasses and have a toast. This beautiful tower of crystal is made up of drinks, and there’s more than enough for everyone. There are glasses of rich fairy wine, sparkling rose fairy champagne, and golden royal champagne, which can be given to everyone in the party, so they can make a toast to spring and new life. See it at Etsy.

10. Fairy Rose Dessert

It would be unspeakable to forget that fairies have a notorious sweet tooth—dessert is the most awaited part of the fairy dinner party! Serve up a splendid white cake like this one, decorated with chocolate swirls and a huge pile of candy roses on top. Everyone would also get a lovely pink and white cupcake topped with a red rose, as an extra dessert. Get them at the Fairy Garden.

Now, with everything all set, a fairy dinner party for the ages can begin in the enchanting twilight at the Fairy Garden!

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