Fairy Seaside Lunch for Two!

The fairies have gone to the beaches for the summer, and they’re looking forward to spending plenty of time out in the sun, the sand, and the sea. They’ve packed all their things and headed off to the glorious white sands, ready for a day of play. But all that play bright and early in the morning, before the sun gets too hot, means that everyone gets tired and hot by midday. With the sun blazing overhead, it’s time to duck back inside a cabana or a nice shady spot on the beach.

FG Jun 6 2019 seaside lunch mainOut comes a delicious seaside lunch to sate some hungry fairy appetites. It’s a lovely set, washed in the same blue that is the color of the ocean, and all carefully detailed to showcase a very stylish lunch meal out by the sea.

Here is what the fairies have to look forward to on this elegant seaside lunch:

FG Jun 6 2019 seaside lunch 1-51. Croissant Seaside Lunch Sandwiches

After all the splashing out around the sand and the sea, the fairies would have built up quite the appetite. A light but quite filling meal has been prepared for them: a pair of light, flaky croissant sandwiches, each one stuffed with turkey, lettuce, tomato, and cheese. It’s very chic, very delicious, and perfect for eating as they sit at the shoe, listening to the surf crashing. Get it with the set at Etsy.

2. Swirly Blue Lollipops

Every meal in the fairy world should come with dessert, especially since the fairies tend to possess a sweet tooth or two. For the sweets this meal, two bright blue swirly lollipops are offered, glittering with rock sugar that practically look like glitter. The blue color indicates the taste of summer fruit and fresh “blue Hawaii” cocktail. It’s a sweet, refreshing dessert! Get them with the set at Etsy.

3. A Magic Bottle Of Sand

Fairy magic tends to become stronger when special, enchanted items are used, particularly ones that are directly tied to the element that the magic will be performed in. Heading out to the beach, forest or garden fairies might find that their magic isn’t as potent. The beach fairies have helpfully provided a bottleful of enchanted sand for the visiting fairies to use for their magical needs. See it with the set at Etsy.

4. A Dish of Enchanted Seashells

To couple with the bottle of magical sand, the beach fairies have also laid out a dish full of enchanted seashells. Everyone knows that when you put a shell to your ear, you hear the ocean. These extra special seashells have the combined magic of the fairies and the mermaids that visit the shore. Fairies would be able to breathe underwater and ride the waves when they have these wonderful shells with them! See them with the set at Etsy.

5. Antique Blue Candlesticks

Just to make the lunchtime meal that much more romantic, a pair of elegant, antique candlesticks has been added to the spread. They’re turquoise blue to match the entire set, the color of the ocean when struck by the sunlight. They don’t necessarily have to be lit for this lunch to be elegant; they’re so carefully crafted and precious that they add that special stylishness to the lunch on their own. Get a pair with the set at Etsy.

FG Jun 6 2019 seaside lunch 6-106. A Beach Blue Bottle of Fairy Elixir

The bottle may look like your ordinary bottle of Perrier, the same kind as humans would love to drink after a long hot morning playing around in the saltwater of the ocean. But in fact, with a sprinkling of fairy magic, the bottle looks filled with brilliant blue liquid. This very refreshing drink is just the thing to restore the fairies’ strength and quench their thirst on a hot day like this one. Get it at Etsy.

7. Crystal Tumblers

Each fairy will also get a crystal tumbler of their own so that they can both enjoy the delicious drink. The crystal is special: it’s made of magical sea glass, hand crafted by the beach fairies themselves with the help of some mermaid friends. Their bottoms are also blue, looking as though they have captured a small ocean into their crystalline bases every time you take a sip. Get the pair with the set at Etsy.

8. Blue Wooden Tables

The entire seaside lunch spread with all the beautiful, special things are laid on top of blue-painted tables. Each one had also been carefully crafted by fairies. The main, round blue table even features a hand-stencil of a starfish! The other two tables will be more than enough to help carry all the other splendid items that the whole spread features. Get them with the scene at Etsy.

9. Glittering Blue Pumpkins

Forest fairies didn’t come to visit the beach and receive all these wonderful presents from the beach fairies without giving something back. The forest fairies have brought with them a set of enchanted pumpkins. They are certainly not your ordinary pumpkins: they’re brilliantly blue and covered in glitter, making them sparkle like the sunbeams on the ocean surface. Get them with the set at Etsy.

10. A Scattering of Starfish

Finally, dotting the entire scene as though they were the ocean version of flowers or fairy lights, are bunches of pale, cream-colored starfish. They appear over the sands and on the tables as the loveliest living ornaments for the seaside lunch. Not to worry: they won’t dry out! At the end of the meal, the forest fairies would certainly be glad to help them back into the ocean afterward. See them with the set at Etsy.

Few lunches can be so elegant and refreshing as this wonderful meal that the fairies will get to enjoy by the beach. With their hunger and thirst sated, and after an enjoyable siesta on the sand in the shade, they’ll have plenty of energy to go running back into the water to play again in the afternoon!

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