A Fairy Garden with a Beach as a Fairy Seaside Vacation!

With the summer sun shining so brightly, beaming down at forests and gardens everywhere, some fairies may start dreaming of a wonderful beach vacation. In a place where you’re surrounded with trees and closed in by land, who wouldn’t dream of a vast open space where the waves crash and there’s a saltwater breeze rustling in the air, with endless horizons beyond a blue sea?

Fairies would’ve most certainly heard about the ocean and life by the beach from their mermaid friends, and have fantasies of going on a beach vacation. But just because the fairies in your fairy garden aren’t anywhere near a beach doesn’t mean they can’t also have a wonderful beachy vacation!

These airy terrariums are simply magical, whole worlds inside glass globes that seem to transport fairies to a whole other world. The beachy scenes within them can give the dreaming fairies in the garden plenty of opportunity to enjoy a little fairy seaside vacation!

FG-Jun-7-2019 fairy seaside 1-51. A Seat by The Shore

This pretty terrarium, encased in a glass globe, is filled with a cozy fairy seaside scene: a folding chair, bright red and stripes, has been placed at the edge of the seaside. An orange crab scuttles nearby, keeping the chair’s occupant company. A couple of palm trees provide shade, and an air plant is thriving nearby. A fairy can just recline here by the sea with their favorite bottle of soda. Get it at Etsy.

2. At the Fairy Seaside with a Pink Flamingo

Sitting by the sea can be quite satisfying and peaceful when you’re alone. But wouldn’t you want to share the space with a friend who can relax with you? A fairy visiting this lovely seaside scene won’t have that problem: a pink flamingo is hovering nearby, also enjoying the sun, the sand, the seashells and the lovely little air plant nearby. Get this scene at https://fxo.co/7XseEtsy.

3. The Seagull By the Sea

This stunning fairy seaside scene looks incredibly inviting with lush greenery growing brightly behind a striking orange Adirondack chair. There a golden starfish peeping from the air plants nearby, as even more golden starfish are swimming out over the waves nearby. Not far from the seat is a little seagull standing on an old pier post, looking for a fairy friend. See it in Etsy.

4. Fabulous Flamingo Fairy Seaside

But just in case the visiting fairy prefers to have more flamingo friends, this is the beach scene for them. A pair of bright pink flamingos is enjoying their time on the shore, their long, bandy legs dipped in the sand and the water as starfish and shellfish swim in the waves nearby. A great elegant clamshell stands on the shore, with a bright air plant nearby. See it in Etsy.

5. The American Birdhouse

This beachy scene comes just in time for the summer, and with the approach of the Fourth of July, this is just the thing for some American fairies. A red, white, and blue house is sitting on the shore; the body of the house in stripes and the roof is covered in stars. Seashells dot the sandy scene beyond it, with a friendly starfish just resting alongside the house. It’s patriotic and beachy! Get it in Etsy.

FG-Jun-7-2019 fairy seaside 6-106. The Checkered Lighthouse

There’re few things that are more comforting to beings out at sea than the sight of a lighthouse cutting over the horizon. It symbolizes home, the shoreline, and rest. This fairy seaside scene features a tall, checkered lighthouse, with a tiny home resting just beneath it. Perhaps fairies sailing out at sea will look upon this lovely lighthouse, the house, and the white picket fence and know they are home. Get the scene at Etsy.

7. The Hatching Tiny Turtles

This is a breathtaking scene that will bring fairies running to the shore to watch: out on the sandy beaches, young sea turtles are starting to hatch. They have been laid there lovingly by their sea turtle mothers that are still swimming out at sea nearby. The tiny turtles are rushing from the beach to the water of the ocean, eager to start a new life. See this beach scene at Etsy.

8. To the Ever Bright Everglades!

Not all beaches are all about islands and sands and saltwater. There are also beaches that come from deep in the swamps, around winding rivers that lead to the sea. In this scene, straight out of the everglades, there are no starfish to be seen; a green scaly alligator with his brightly grinning jaws is the one to meet a visiting fairy. Perhaps the fairy can spare a fish for lunch? See the scene at Etsy.

9.  The Teardrop Fairy Seaside Seat

This pretty miniature beach is encased with a lovely water-drop shaped case. Inside, a long-legged flamingo is curiously exploring the sands, possibly looking for some shellfish beneath to eat. Under a bright green palm tree, another wooden chair, painted bright orange and so inviting, is resting, just waiting for a fairy to come sit and relax. See it in Etsy.

10. The Dancing Dolphins

Finally, this scene is one that every fairy would love to enjoy. Stepping into this magical fairy seaside scene brings them to the sandy shoreline of a vast blue sea. Beyond the rocks, they’ll see a pair of dolphins leaping and jumping about around the waves. These clever, playful creatures of the sea are always curious; they would love to meet the fluttering fairies from the forests! See it at Etsy.

With this assortment of magical worlds contained in tiny crystal globes, the fairies in a fairy garden would have their pick of which sandy fairy seaside moment to jump into and enjoy! From dolphins to alligators, from lighthouses to seagulls, it’ll be an unforgettable moment of summer vacation.

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