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Enchanted Fairy Houses

Enchanted Fairy Houses

It’s time for some magic and this week in Teelie’s Fairy Garden, we’ve got lots. We’re going to be looking at some enchanted fairy houses. We hope you’ll interact with us and let us know your favorites.

We also love revisiting past blogs and watching the beautiful videos that have been created to go with them. We chose this one to share with you today.


1. Magical Manor Cottage
Merlin's Manor, Fairy Garden House, Mini House, Miniature Cottage
2. Enchanted Ladybug Cottage
Solar Ladybug Cottage, Fairy Garden House, Fairy Home, Mini Cottage
3. Vibrant Treehouse Home
Red Roof Tree House, Fairy Garden House, Fairy Home, Mini Cottage
4. Magical Leafy Treehouse
Red Leaf Tree House, Fairy Garden House, Mini Home

Magical Manor Cottage

The first fairy house that we found is known as Merlin’s Manor. It is a very unique-looking fairy home. It has lots of stairs, a roof that resembles a pinecone, and a very detailed fairy door. Learn more by visiting Etsy.

Enchanted Ladybug Cottage

This enchanted cottage would look beautiful in your fairy garden. It has lots of greenery including the roof. There are flower accents and even some friendly ladybug visitors. Learn more on Etsy.

Vibrant Treehouse Home

Visit this amazing yellow treehouse home. It has a stunning red roof and several stairs that lead to its magical fairy door. We also like the blue trim around the windows. Learn more about this vibrant fairy home on Etsy.

Magical Leafy Treehouse

This cute fairy home has some cardinals visiting the fairies. There is also a red and green wreath on the door. It looks nice for Valentine’s Day. The house’s roof is red leaves that have been glued together with fairy dust. Full details are available on Etsy.

1. Fabled Blue Bell Corner Cottage
Fairy House Blue Bell Corner, Fairy Garden House, Miniature House
2. Quaint Fairy Cottage
Solar Mini Fairy Cottage, Fairy Garden Cottage, Mini Cottage
3. Fabulous Yellow Cottage
Miniature Yellow Scroll House | Outdoor Fairy Garden Cabin | MG 327
4. Intriguing Teapot Home
Teapot House for Fairy Gardens (1pc) - Teapot House - Miniature Building - Fairy Garden House - Fairy Garden Accessory - Building Figurine

Fabled Blue Bell Corner Cottage

The bluebell corner cottage has had many enchanted tales told about it, but only the fairies know the truth about it. What we know is that it is a stunning fairy home. It looks a bit like a miniature garden shed. The fairies who live there like that it helps keep their whereabouts secret. Find this cute cottage on Etsy.

Quaint Fairy Cottage

This quaint fairy cottage has a magical solar light that you can see at night when it is dark out. This would be an adorable cottage for your fairy garden. We love the vines that are growing on the house. Find it on Etsy.

Fabulous Yellow Cottage

This fabulous yellow cottage is a miniature version of a beautiful tiny home. Yellow is a very inviting color. The vines and flowers also give it lots of character. The blue fairy door is already open inviting you in. Learn more on Etsy.

Intriguing Teapot Home

This intriguing teapot home is the last enchanted fairy home that we want to share with you today. Fairies love to have celebrations that include food and beverages. I’m sure they’ll find it amazing to live inside in a home that resembles a teapot too. Find this home on Etsy.

Thank you again for visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We hope that you’ve enjoyed discovering these magical fairy houses. Please come back to see us again soon for more amazing adventures.

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