Fabulous Unicorn Fairy Gardens to Inspire You


Teelie’s Fairy Garden has some fabulous unicorn themed fairy gardens to show you. We hope that you’re inspired by their selections. When you’re creating your own magical fairy gardens, remember that what is most important is that you’re happy with the miniatures that you’re choosing.

Unicorn Fairy Garden Kits, Unicorn party favor, Kids craft kit, Kids virtual party activity LilyAbby on Etsy

Magical Celebration Unicorn Kit

This adorable magical unicorn fairy garden kit comes to us from LilyAbby on Etsy. This kit works as a wonderful craft for kids. It can even be a party favor. Having a unicorn-themed birthday or summer party would be an exciting celebration. Among the elements included in this enchanted kit are a bowl, unicorns, a turtle, trees, mushrooms, sand, and rocks. Learn more here.

ReadRantRock&Roll Unicorn Garden

Whimsical Tiered Unicorn Garden

ReadRantRock&Roll put together an enchanted article that includes wonderful unicorn fairy gardens. We love how whimsical this tiered garden is. It includes several clay pots, some of which are broken to create a magical look. The steps that lead up to the unicorns and the castle are absolutely stunning. Full details can be found here. You can scroll down to the unicorn fairy garden section.

Unicorn Birthday Party Favor, Unicorn Party Craft Activity, Unicorn Fairy Garden Kit, Unicorn Planter PartynWithPlants on Etsy

Vibrant Unicorn Fairy Garden

This vibrant fairy garden comes to us from PartynWithPlants on Etsy. The colors of the miniatures in the garden are extremely beautiful in bright colors. Among the magical miniatures in this kit are a plastic bowl, unicorns, a butterfly, sand, ladybugs, and gemstones. Find out all the details of what is included in this bright-colored unicorn-themed fairy garden here.

Hello Gnome Décor Unicorn Fun

Fun With Unicorns and Gnomes

Hello Gnome Décor put together this adorable article that includes Five Fanciful Fun Fairy Garden Ideas which has some beautiful unicorn fairy garden images in it. We love how bright and fun this fairy garden looks. The unicorns come to life in their enchanted settings such as on the rainbow bridge in Fairy Land. Learn more here.

Teelie’s Fairy Garden Unicorns and Friends

Magical Unicorns and Friends

Teelie’s Fairy Garden also has a magical page that features fairy garden unicorns and their friends. Our favorite Fairy Land unicorn’s name is Shimmer. She is pictured above. On this magical Fairy Garden page, you’ll be able to meet new unicorn friends and also discover some products that feature Shimmer on them. She has some stunning suggestions for you. More details are available here.

Thank you again for taking the time to explore fabulous unicorn-themed fairy gardens with us. Unicorns are among the fascinating creatures that live in the magical forests of Fairy Land. We’ll be introducing you to more magical friends of the fairies soon.

You can also enjoy this Teelie’s Fairy Garden video that features eight graceful unicorns before exploring some other magical miniatures which we think would be perfect for your unicorn fairy garden.



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