Fairy Land Celebrates the Tooth Fairy

Celebrate the Tooth Fairy

Hello Friends. Today we’re going to introduce you to a fairy who is well-known by the humans. You’re going to learn about the way that the Tooth Fairy works in Fairy Land. Some things are similar to what she does for humans and others are done just for fairies. The Tooth Fairy was recently declared an essential service by several governments, and she is proud to be able to continue flying and visiting humans and collecting their teeth in exchange for a little bit of money. After you’ve learned about the tooth fairy and her work here, we hope that you’ll continue to explore Teelie’s Fairy Garden.

Tooth Fairy
1. The Tooth Fairy’s Treasure Chest
Tooth Fairy Treasure Chest, Treasure Chest
2. Keep the Tooth Fairy With You
Handmade custom cloth tooth fairy doll
3. Keepsake Coin
Tooth Fairy Stamped Coin | Tooth Lost Gift | Lost Tooth | Tooth Fairy Coin | 1st Tooth Keepsake | My First Tooth | First Tooth Keepsake
4. Fairy Garden Surprise
Beach Bunny With Her Pet Having A Picnic By The Sea, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Miniature, Puppy, Cocktails, Hotdog, Fairy Food, Sandwich, Fun

The Tooth Fairy’s Treasure Chest

The Tooth Fairy always carries a treasure chest with her. It’s where she keeps the money that she gives out to children who have lost their teeth. Because of fairy magic, she doesn’t have to hold onto it. It appears when she flutters her wings a special way. Her treasure chest resembles the one in the image above except that sometimes the one belonging to the tooth fairy changes colors. You can find this blue treasure chest on Etsy.

Keep the Tooth Fairy With You

The Tooth Fairy makes human and fairy children very happy. Some children wish that they could have the tooth fairy with them all the time. It’s not possible because she has so much work to do all over the world. However, someone came up with the idea to create a special handmade cloth tooth fairy doll which is available on Etsy. This allows children to have a special tooth fairy keepsake even when the tooth fairy herself cannot be there.

Keepsake Coin

In Fairy Land, the tooth fairy always gives out a special stamped coin when a child loses their first tooth. Fairy parents often gift their child this coin when they are assigned to their official fairy job. A similar stamped coin is available on Etsy.

Fairy Garden Surprise

Sometimes, the tooth fairy doesn’t give the fairies money. Instead, the tooth fairy prefers to give out special fairy garden surprises. One such surprise might be this adorable fairy scene with a fairy on the beach with her pet dog as they have a picnic. This fairy garden scene and many others are available on Etsy.

Tooth Fairy Visits
3. Tooth Fairy Pouch
Tooth Fairy Bag - Tooth Fairy Pouch - Cotton Drawstring Bag - Kids Gift - Personalized Tooth Fairy Bag - Personalized Kids Gift – Keepsake
4. Reminder to Brush Your Teeth
Top Collection Solar The Red Dragon - Mini Collectible Fantasy Figurine

Special Gift from the Tooth Fairy

When a fairy child loses their last baby tooth, they are gifted with an extra special gift like this fairy statue of a fairy riding on a unicorn. This special statue is found on Etsy.

Correspond with the Tooth Fairy

Some human and fairy children like to be able to leave a note for the tooth fairy. It can be done on any kind of paper but there is also a special tooth fairy letter kit that is available to facilitate this task. It even includes a little decoration that reads ‘tooth fairy please stop here.’ However, with fairy magic, the tooth fairy knows where to go even without these decorative reminders. This letter writing kit is available on Etsy.

Tooth Fairy Pouch

Some children like to have somewhere special to put their tooth while they wait for the tooth fairy to come and get it. Some worry that they might accidentally knock the tooth out from under their pillow and that the tooth fairy won’t be able to find it after. A special drawstring pouch was created so that the tooth can go into the pouch and the pouch can be placed under the pillow. The tooth fairy uses her magic to remove the tooth from the bag without waking the child. If a pouch is available, the tooth fairy will also put the cash into it before she magically disappears from the room. This pouch is available on Etsy.

Reminder to Brush Your Teeth

The fairy merchants also found an adorable little red dragon that can help remind children to brush their teeth. It is important for all children, fairy, or human to make sure that their teeth are nice and clean. This cute little dragon with its toothbrush is available on Amazon.

On behalf of all the fairies in Fairy Land, we’d like to thank the tooth fairy for her continued service. We’d also like to remind all our human friends to please stay home and be safe. You’re very important to us and we don’t want anything bad to happen to you. There is plenty that you can do here in Teelie’s Fairy Land.

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