Fantastic Fairy Contest – New Fairy Story Coming Soon

Fantastic Fairy Contest

Hello Fairy Lovers. Today we want to share something exciting with you. As you know, the magic of Fairy Land is something that must be shared, and we would like your help with that. Each week for 8 weeks we’ll be sharing two fairies or magical creatures and will be asking you to choose your favorite. The favorite will move on to the next round in the following week to compete against another fairy or magical creature. The winner at the end of 8 weeks will have a story written about them and it will be made into an amazing Teelie Turner book. You can see all of Teelie Turner’s current books by visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden.

Each week a winner will be selected from the voters and will be given a pillow cover of their choice. A grand prize winner will be selected at the end of the 8 weeks. Enter all 8 contests and have more chances of winning. The grand prize winner will receive a T-shirt, pillow cover, and notebook with the winning creature’s image on them all.

Several of our fairies have their own line of products on Redbubble.  We’d like to tell you about the contest so far and share a few products with you so that you can see what the fairies have been having their images placed on. You can place your vote now.

1. Amazing Fairy Mask
Desta The Dragon Fairy ™ Mask
2. Decorate with Desta
Desta The Dragon Fairy ™ Throw Pillow
3. Magical Fairy Mug
Desta The Dragon Fairy ™ Color Changing Mug
4. Awesome Fairy Coasters
Desta The Dragon Fairy ™ Coasters (Set of 4)

In week 1, Desta the Dragon Fairy was paired against Ureen the Unicorn Fairy. Desta received her assignment from fairy headquarters due to her extreme efficiency at training dragons. She is also responsible for making sure that the right dragon is paired with a fairy as when a pairing is made, it lasts for eternity. Here are four of the products that Desta appears on.

Amazing Fairy Mask

Desta can be found on an amazing fairy mask. She is seen with one of her adorable dragons. Not only does this mask have over the ear straps for a snug fit, it is also made of two layers of soft polyester. Redbubble is donating a blank mask to Heart to Heart International for every mask that is purchased. They are also running a promotion where if you buy four masks, you get them at 20% off. So, let the fairies and their amazing masks be your smile today.

Decorate with Desta

If you love fairies and dragons, this amazing throw pillow featuring Desta is for you. It is sure to make any space cheerful. You can find it on Redbubble.

Magical Fairy Mug

Enjoying a warm beverage in a cute mug always makes it taste better which means that enjoying it in a magical color changing mug must be even better. You can find Desta the Dragon Fairy on a color changing mug at Gearbubble.

Awesome Fairy Coasters

Desta is also featured on a set of coaters. You’ll find a package of four at Redbubble. Make the warm weather even more festive by enjoying a drink on the patio with a coaster featuring your favorite fairy.

1. Magical Unicorn Pillow Case
Ureen The Unicorn Fairy Pillow Case
2. Adorable Unicorn Pendant
Ureen The Unicorn Fairy Round Pendant Necklace - Gold Plated
3. Fantastic Unicorn Poster
Ureen The Unicorn Fairy Poster
4. Cute Unicorn T-Shirt
Ureen The Unicorn Fairy Kids T-Shirt

Ureen the Unicorn Fairy won against Desta the Dragon Fairy in round 1 of this magical contest that will affect which of Teelie Turner’s magical fairies she will feature in an upcoming book. Ureen has now moved onto round 2 and is currently up against the Wee Forest Folk Fairy. Here are a few products that you’ll find Ureen the Unicorn Fairy on.

Magical Unicorn Pillow Case

Ureen the Unicorn Fairy is available on a pillow case. Let yourself drift off to sleep and dream of a magical and enchanting world. You can find the pillow case on Gearbubble.

Adorable Unicorn Pendant 

Wearing jewellery can be so much fun and it helps to elevate an outfit. Ureen the Unicorn Fairy can be found on a pendant necklace at Gearbubble. We have one model pictured above but there are also others available. This would also make a great gift.

Fantastic Unicorn Poster

If you love unicorns, you might want to incorporate them in your room décor. Fantastic unicorn posters with Ureen’s image on them are available. Children would also love these for their bedrooms. You can find it and many other poster options on Redbubble.

Cute Unicorn T-Shirt

Ureen can also be found on T-shirts for all ages. We have decided to show you a kid’s T-shirt. Multiple colors are also available for the shirt’s background. They are available on Redbubble.

1. Stunning Fairy Blanket
Wee Forest Folk Fairy Throw Blanket
2. Take Notes with the Wee Forest Folk Fairy
Wee Forest Folk Fairy Spiral Notebook
3. Magical Fairy Bath Mat
Wee Forest Folk Fairy Bath Mat
4. Fabulous Fairy Shower Curtain
Wee Forest Folk Fairy Shower Curtain

Currently Ureen the Unicorn is competing against the Wee Forest Folk Fairy in week 2 of this competition. The Wee Forest Folk Fairy is always pictured with a mouse since she looks after small forest creatures. Have you placed your vote yet? You can do it here.  We have a few items from the Wee Forest Folk Fairy’s collection of merchandise to share with you.

Stunning Fairy Blanket

The Wee Forest Folk Fairy can be found on a warm and adorable throw blanket. You can find this stunning blanket on Redbubble.

Take Notes with the Wee Forest Folk Fairy

What are your favorite animals? If you were a fairy which one would you like to be? Do you have any special talents which would make you a good fairy? These are all questions that you could answer in an inspiring notebook. Notebooks have so many amazing uses including creating lists and making reminders to yourself. The Wee Forest Folk Fairy is available on a notebook which can be found at Redbubble.

Magical Fairy Bath Mat

The Wee Forest Folk Fairy is also available on a bath mat. Help give your bathroom a magical look with an amazing fairy. You can find the bath mat on Redbubble.

Fabulous Fairy Shower Curtain

You can also find the Wee Forest Folk Fairy on a shower curtain. It would look great in your bathroom. You can find it on Redbubble.

 Thank you for joining us today. We hope that you have placed your vote and continue to do so each week so that we know which fairy you’d like to see featured in a new Teelie Turner book.  You can vote here.

Also look for us on social media including Twitter and Pinterest and Bloglovin’ or comment in this post and we’ll get back to you.

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