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Pirate Wear with Pirate Pete

Hello Fairy Friends and welcome back to Fairy Land. This week we are celebrating the upcoming launch of Pirate Pete and the Secret Fairy Treasure, an amazing book written by Teelie Turner. It is scheduled for mid-June. Because of this exciting event, we’re sharing a few items from Pirate Pete and his friends’ collections of merchandise. After you explore these amazing items, we hope that you’ll continue to take a walk through Teelie’s Fairy Garden with us. The flowers are blooming, and the weather is beautiful.

Shop with Pirate Pete
1. Relax with Pirate Pete
Pirate Pete Throw Pillow
3. Pirate Pete Clothing Line
Pirate Pete Lightweight Sweatshirt

Relax with Pirate Pete

Getting to sit and read a great book is a relaxing activity. Pirate Pete’s collection of merchandise includes a throw pillow that can help add to your relaxation and comfort. You can find Pirate Pete’s pillow on Redbubble.

Write Home with  Pirate Pete

Pirates get to write postcards and mail them off when they reach their next port. Pirate fairies have other means of communicating but still enjoy sending postcards once in a while. You can find Pirate Pete postcards on Redbubble.

Pirate Pete Clothing Line

Pirate Pete’s collection of merchandise includes several clothing items including a lightweight sweatshirt. Pirate Pete appreciates having this on his ships when the nice days begin to get cooler in the evenings. It lets him sit on the deck of his ship or of his cottage when he isn’t travelling. You can find it on Redbubble.

Walk the Ship with Pirate Pete

Pirate Pete loves having a cup of coffee with extra sweetener, apple cider or hot cocoa. The waves while on a ship can make drinking a beverage difficult. That’s why Pirate Pete always uses a travel mug. He can walk anywhere on the ship with it without spilling anything. You can find a Pirate Pete mug on Redbubble.

Shop with Pirate Pete
1. Keep a Journal with Peppin
Peppin Hardcover Journal
2. Children’s Pirate Clothing
Prunella Baby One-Piece
4. Another Pirate Friend
Puppa The Pirate Fairy Slim Fit T-Shirt

Keep a Journal with Peppin

Pirate Pete’s brother’s name is Peppin. They have an amazing bond and can communicate telepathically. Peppin also has a collection of merchandise and it includes a journal which is available on Redbubble.

Children’s Pirate Clothing

One of the fairies who assists Pirate Pete with the lost fairy treasure is a sea fairy named Purnella. She is also sometimes called Prunella. She has merchandise of her own and it includes children’s clothing like this adorable one piece. You can find it on Redbubble.

Tote Around Pirate Treasure

Purnella or Prunella the sea fairy also has tote bags in her collection. They are great to hide treasures in. You can find hers and many others on Redbubble.

Another Pirate Friend

The final item that the fairies want to share with you today are one of Pirate Pete’s pirate friends. You won’t find him mentioned in Pirate Pete’s book, but Puppa the Pirate is never far away if someone needs his assistance. Puppa has many items of merchandise including slim fit t-shirts. They are available on Redbubble.

We hope that you enjoyed exploring Pirate Pete’s collection of merchandise. We enjoyed sharing it with you. Please continue to visit us here in Teelie’s Fairy Garden for fairy updates and news.  You can also find us on  social media and Bloglovin’ or comment in this post and we’ll get back to you.

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