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Your friends in Teelie’s Fairy Garden love exploring magical miniatures and sharing them with you. This week we have eight fantastic and beautiful miniatures from our affiliate Top Collection to share with you. Join us on this amazing adventure.

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Top Collection 4469 Mouse Rowing Boat Animal Figurine

This adorable mouse in its rowboat would make an amazing addition to your fairy garden. This is one of the many incredible miniatures that is available from Top Collection. Learn more here.

Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden and Terrarium Mini Red Dragon Playing with Butterfly Figurine

This red dragon is ready to spend time with you in your fairy garden. It hopes that your fairy friend will want to become its owner. This is a very friendly dragon that loves to run and play. It even makes friends with butterflies. Learn more here.

Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden & Terrarium Cute Little Owls Statue (Set of 3), Small

These adorable little owls are hoping to swoop into your fairy garden. They are friendly and have very positive attitudes that will help you to remember to always go after your dreams. They rest during the day, mostly napping and reading. But, at night, you will find them much more active. Learn more here.

Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden and Terrarium Rabbits Bunnies Playing with Leaf

It doesn’t take much to entertain some playful rabbits. They found a leaf to play with and have turned it into a place to play hide and seek. They would love to join you in your fairy garden. Learn more here.

Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden and Terrarium Mini Turtle on Mushroom Statue, 2.5 x 2.5

Enjoy some magic in a fairy garden with this mini turtle and ladybug that have climbed up onto the top of a toadstool mushroom so that they can have a better look around. Learn more here.

Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden and Terrarium Hedgehog Reading Book Under Mushroom Statue

Spend some time relaxing with this magical little hedgehog as it reads an enchanted story under a toadstool mushroom. We’re quite sure that it has chosen one of Teelie Turner’s magical books to enjoy. Learn more here.

Top Collection Miniature Garden Frogs Rowing Peapod Boat

These frogs are enjoying some time out on their water. They have their peapod boat and plan to enjoy some relaxing time in it. They hope that there’s a pond or a stream in your fairy garden that you’ll invite them to visit. Learn more here.

Top Collection 4278 Mama Red Fox with Baby Figurines

This mama fox and her baby are looking to find a magical home to call their own. Perhaps your fairy garden is a good spot for them to curl up and rest, and also have some fun in when they’re awake. Learn more here.

Thank you for spending time in Teelie’s Fairy Garden with us. We hope you’ve had a wonderful time exploring these miniatures from Top Collection. Please join us again soon for more magic.

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