How to Create a Fairy Garden to Celebrate Children’s Book Day

how to create a fairy garden to celebrate children's book day

Welcome back to Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We’re so glad that you could be here to celebrate with us. April 2nd is Children’s Book Day, so we decided to share some adorable fairy garden options that could be used for this special literary day.

Teelie Turner has also just released a new magical book for your enjoyment. Learn more about Hope the Magical Easter Basket Fairy in this video.


Miniature Small Bird Reading Book , Little Animal Figurines Fairy Garden Supplies Terrarium Accessories DIY Miniature Garden

Yellow Songbird Reading

We found a yellow songbird reading. We hope she’s reading a magical story or perhaps a book about the beautiful music that she makes. Learn more about her on Etsy.


Reading Rabbit Mom And Kid On Swing | Reading Bunny Figurine | Reading Rabbit Figurine | Fairy Garden Bunny | Rabbit Statue | Rabbit Figure

Quality Time Reading

This mother rabbit and her baby bunny are enjoying some quality time reading on their swing. Perhaps they’re reading an enchanted Easter story. Find these adorable bunnies on Etsy.

Teelie Turner has another magical Easter book that you might enjoy. Learn about Eliza the Easter Fairy in this video.



Fairy Garden Supplies Puppy Miniature , Dog Brother Reading Book for Baby Dog, Figurine Terrarium Accessories DIY Mini Garden Set of 2pcs

A Magical Storytime

We met a family of dogs where the brother is reading to his siblings. It is a heartwarming scene which can be found on Etsy. We’d love to hear about your favorite Storytime books. Let us know by contacting us on social media.


 Time with Grandma fairy figurine. Little girl reading book with Grandma

Reading Together

We couldn’t help but smile as we came across a grandmother fairy reading to her granddaughter, a young fairy who is destined for great things in Fairy Land. Discover them on Etsy.


Miniature Fairy Cute Cat Next to the Book Sleep Animal Figurines Fairy Garden Supplies & Accessories Terrarium Figurines

Soaking Up Knowledge

Sometimes it is easy to get sleepy while reading, especially if you stay up into the wee hours of the morning. We recently met a cat who was taking a nap in the meadow with her head resting on some books. She was soaking up some knowledge as well as some sunshine. Meet her on Etsy.


Miniature Owl Read Book Stand on Book, Miniature Gardening, Terrarium Supply, Miniature Garden Décor

Helpful Owl Friend

It is always helpful to have an owl friend. They are great at reading and can help tell you a tale. Sometimes, they’ll also help to carry books for their friends. We found an owl perched on some books on Etsy. Perhaps you’d like to take him home to your fairy garden so he can help you too.


Miniature Small Dinosaur Sit on the Stone Reading Book Miniature Gardening, Terrarium Supply, Miniature Garden Décor

Magical Books

There are many magical books to be enjoyed. We met a small dinosaur who was sitting on a stone reading a book. You see Fairy Land is such a magical place, even animals that have disappeared from the Earth can still be found here. Invite this dinosaur into your fairy garden by visiting Etsy.


Story Time Fairy Figurine w/ Giant Book ~ Fairy Garden Supplies & Whimsical Home Décor

Reading in Nature

Having a chance to find a beautiful spot to read in nature is a wonderful experience. It is relaxing and peaceful and sometimes friends will join you. We met a fairy reading in the forest. An owl sat on her shoulder while a frog sat on a pile of books with you and enjoyed the story. Learn more on Etsy.

Thank you for visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We hope that you have an enchanted Children’s Book Day on April 2nd. Contact us on social media to let us know how you celebrate. Please come back soon to visit us. There’s always something exciting happening in Fairy Land.

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