How to Create a Nautical Themed Fairy Garden

Magical Lantern With Candle Light And Wooden Boat On The Shelf. Nautical Concept

Hello fairy friends, I hope that you have your swimsuit and your paddles handy because we’re going to have an amazing adventure here in Fairy Land. We’re going to explore some adorable miniature items which would look adorable in a nautical themed fairy garden. Why do you need a swimsuit then you wonder? Because imagining how things will look in your fairy garden will require your imagination and so looking the part will help with the creative process. And, if it is a super hot day, you might want to take a swim or run through the sprinkler while you think about creating your own nautical themed fairy garden. This is a DIY project, so you can choose the items that you love and combine them with some rocks and flowers to make an oasis for your fairies when they come to visit. Also, please continue to visit Teelie’s Fairy Garden as we have a lot of exciting projects happening, including a brand-new catalogue and several books launching soon.

Nautical Fairy Gardens
1. A Bunny Boat Trip
Sweet Bunnies On A Boat Trip, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Barbie, Fairy, Fairies, Bunnies, Boat, Cute Bunnies, Green Leaf Boat
2. A Stop at the Beach
Dollhouse beach bucket, Miniature bucket of sea shells, fairy garden bucket
3. A Nautical Home
Solar Nautical Rudder House
4. Fairy Garden Décor
Nautical Driftwood Post

A Bunny Boat Trip

Our first nautical suggestion is a miniature figurine of two cute white bunnies paddling in a leaf boat. It is available at the Teelie’s Fairy Garden Etsy Shop.

A Stop at the Beach

Making a stop at the beach while on a nautical adventure is a great way to enjoy the summer. Collecting seashells is a fun way to commemorate a trip. There are miniature seashells in a bucket available on Etsy which would look adorable in a DIY fairy garden or dollhouse.

A Nautical Home

Perhaps your fairies love a nautical theme but prefer to stay on land or they love being out on the water so much that they want a nautical home to come home to. If so, we have found the perfect home for your fairy friends – a solar nautical rudder house. It would look incredible as the centerpiece of your nautical themed DIY fairy garden. It is available on Etsy.

Fairy Garden Décor

Nautical themed garden décor is also a wonderful option. Our fairy merchants found an adorable driftwood post that had been decorated with a seagull, paddle, and life preserver. It is available on Etsy.

Ideas for a Nautical Fairy Garden
1. Sailing with the Fairies
Miniature Sailing BOAT Ship 4 fishing ornament mini Sea Nautical Scale small little tiny decoration vessel scene landscape scenery terrarium
2. Seaside Relaxation
Beach Themed Nautical Chair, White and teal chair, Miniature garden chair, Dollhouse miniatures, Coastal theme, Seaside theme chair
3. Row Boat Adventure
Fairy Garden Beach Row Boat, Beach Themed Resin Row Boat, Fairy Boat for Miniature Gardening, Seaside Cottage, Summer Fairy Garden
4. Lovely Lighthouse
Nautical Lighthouse with Seashells, Beach Lighthouse, Ocean Lighthouse, Coastal Landscaping, Fairy Garden Accessory

Sailing with the Fairies

Some of the fairies, love to go sailing. They especially love it when they get to do it with their friends. Magical fairy dust allows some fairies to turn an area without water into a temporary lake for a sailing adventure. Miniature sail boats for your fairy garden can be found on Etsy.

Seaside Relaxation

We know that you’ll enjoy a chance to relax and look at the sea. Our fairies enjoy this too. They love this nautical themed chair. The fairies hope that you’ll consider giving them comfortable nautical themed seating for when they visit your fairy garden. You can find this chair on Etsy.

Row Boat Adventure

If you were going on a row boat adventure with the fairies where would you want to go? Would you row in a lake near you or hope to be in a tropical destination? The fairies love to travel around the world and many of them spend time in the water any chance that they get. Some even have mermaid and marine friends who live under the water. You can find this row boat on Etsy. The other items shown are suggestions of how you could arrange your fairy garden but some of the items are also available in the Etsy shop.

Lovely Lighthouse

The sight of a lighthouse signifies safety and a magical presence. Consider adding a lighthouse to your fairy garden so that the fairies can easily find your nautical themed garden. This lighthouse is available on Etsy.

Nautical Fairy Garden
1. A Pirate Adventure
Pirate Ship with Black Sails, Beach Fairy Garden Accessory, Pirate Theme Cake Topper
2. A Beach Vacation
Holiday Beach Series Figurines Miniatures Fairy Garden Decor Beach Chair Sun Umbrella Boat Paddles
3. Children Having a Magical Time
Fairy Garden or Doll House Miniatures * Beach Themed Children at Play on Beach or Lakeside, & Fence for Beachside Scene
4. Building Magical Sand Castles
Miniature Sand Castle for beach garden supply miniature fairy beach garden supply, terrarium supplies, mini ocean garden, seaside

A Pirate Adventure

If you’d like your nautical fairy garden to have a pirate theme, this cake topper also doubles as a cute miniature fairy garden pirate ship. It is available on Etsy. Teelie’s Fairy Garden also has several options for you to choose from. Our friend Pirate Pete will be featured in a fabulous fairy story that will be coming soon.

A Beach Vacation

If the fairies in your nautical themed DIY fairy garden are on a beach adventure, they may enjoy a fairy garden featuring some of the items pictured above like the beach chairs, sun umbrellas and boat paddles. A beach adventure gives many options for fairies to enjoy themselves and relax a bit. You can find these items on Etsy.

Children Having a Magical Time

Children who believe in the magic of fairies can have a magical time when they are enjoying the beach or a nautical outing. A figurine of a boy and a girl with some nautical themed items standing by a fence can be found on Etsy. Having them in your fairy garden will add some childlike delight.

Building Magical Sand Castles

Our final nautical themed fairy garden suggestion for today is of a fairy girl, a magical sand castle and a palm tree with a surf board and life preserver. Do you think that the fairies make their sand castles only out of sand or is there some fairy dust mixed in? You can find this adorable scene on Etsy.

We hope that you’ve been inspired by these nautical DIY fairy garden ideas. Please continue to wander through Teelie’s Fairy Garden for more great DIY fairy garden ideas, and fairy news. We have also launched a contest on social media which will allow you to help select a magical fairy or creature which will have a story written about it. Please take a second to place your vote. You can vote on MeWe , Pinterest, or  Facebook.  You can also look for us on our other social media pages which include Twitter and All Social. We are also on Bloglovin’ or comment in this post and we’ll get back to you. You can also learn more about it in our blog post too.



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