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Donut With Juice And Candies On Independence Day

Welcome back to Fairy Land. We’re exited for the 4th of July celebrations in the United States where many of our human friends live. And so, we decided to show you some items that would look great in a DIY fairy garden. Our theme is red, white, and blue. Celebrating the countries where we live doesn’t just have to be done on their special holidays. Fairy gardens can be enjoyed all year round, well at least the indoor ones. But, we’re still months away from winter and that means lots of time for having some fantastic fairy gardening fun.

Making a Patriotic Fairy Garden
1. Patriotic Fairy Doors
Miniature USA Patriotic Door 4th of July fireworks fairy garden décor
2. Flag Patterned Chairs
Fairy Garden Stars & Stripes Beach Chair ~ 4th of July Miniatures ~ Patriotic Knick Knacks and Collectibles
3. Planter and Banner
Miniature Dollhouse Americana Stone Planter With Banner - Miniature Flowers -Miniatures -Fairy Garden -Miniature Garden-Americana Miniatures
4. Fairy Girl Celebrating
Mini Patriotic Fairy Girl, JUSTICE ~ Miniature Gardening Figurines ~ 4th of July Home, Garden, & Party Décor

Patriotic Fairy Doors

Patriotic fairy doors would make a wonderful addition to a DIY red, white, and blue fairy garden. They would be sure to welcome in any fairy, especially Patriotic Patsy who you’ll meet a little later in our post. You can find these fairy doors on Etsy.

Flag Patterned Chairs

Giving your fairies a place to sit is a great idea for your DIY 4th of July fairy garden. They are red, white, and blue and have the stars and stripes pattern of the American flag. They can be found on Etsy.

Planter and Banner

Flowers are a wonderful addition to a red, white  and blue fairy garden. The fairy merchants located a planter and a patriotic banner which would look amazing in your fairy garden. You can find them on Etsy.

Fairy Girl Celebrating

Even when you cannot see us fairies, we’re in your garden. However, one talented merchant created a miniature fairy girl figurine that you can see all the time. Her outfit is extremely patriotic, and she would be a welcome friend to your DIY fairy garden. You can find her on Etsy.

Celebrating July 4th with the Fairies
1. Incredible 4th of July Wreath
4th of July Wreath - dollhouse miniature 1:12 scale
2. Fun and Friendly Ladybugs
5 Miniature Bright Colored Ladybugs, Fairy Garden, Miniatures, Dollhouse, Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, Pink, Blue
3. Adorable Unicorns
Adorable Pastel Unicorns, Miniature Unicorns, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Barbie, Fairy Pets, Gold Unicorn Horns, Sweet Unicorns, Pastel
4. 4th of July Pastries
Fairy Garden Festive Fairy Pastries, Miniature, Dollhouse, Red Striped Donuts, White and Green Cupcake, Red Cherries, Fourth of July, Cute

Incredible 4th of July Wreath

We also saw an extremely adorable wreath that would look lovely in a dollhouse or fairy garden. It includes an American flag and is wrapped with red, white, and blue. It can be found on Etsy.

Fun and Friendly Ladybugs

A fairy garden can also have some other incredible friends like our fun and friendly ladybugs. They come in a set of green, yellow, blue, red, and pink. Use your DIY imagination to figure out where they’d look best in your patriotic garden. You can find them at Teelie’s Fairy Garden Etsy Shop.

Adorable Unicorns

We also located some cute blue unicorns. They also have a fairy friend who is dressed in pink and some other unicorn friends. Invite them to join your red, white, and blue fairy garden for a chance to enjoy some magic. Maybe you can all watch the fireworks together. They are available at the Teelie’s Fairy Garden Etsy Shop.

4th of July Pastries

Fairies love treats and these 4th of July themed pastries would be a great addition to your red, white, and blue fairy garden. The fairies find it hard to resist anything with sugar in it. You can find these treats in Teelie’s Fairy Garden Etsy Shop.

Celebrating Independence day with the Fairies
1. Red, White and Blue Mushroom Toadstools
Adorable Red And Blue White Polka Dotted Mushrooms, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Miniature, Mushrooms, Polkadot, Garden, Fairy, Fairy World
2. Enjoy a Beverage While You Garden
Patriotic Patsy The 4th Of July Fairy™ Travel Mug
3. Sit Back and Admire Your Fairy Garden
Patriotic Patsy The 4th Of July Fairy™ Coasters (Set of 4)
4. Relaxing Fairy Swing
Fairy Garden Mini - Red, White And Blue Chair Swing - Miniature Supplies Accessories Dollhouse

Red, White and Blue Mushroom Toadstools

The fairy merchants also saw these red, white, and blue mushroom toadstools to share with you. They are extra cute and provide additional fairy garden seating for your fairy and animal friends. They can be found at the Teelie’s Fairy Garden Etsy Shop.

Enjoy a Beverage While You Garden

While you garden, you could enjoy a warm or cool beverage from a travel mug. Our fairy friend, Patriotic Patsy who is the 4th of July Fairy has a travel mug with her picture on it. It can be found on Redbubble.

Sit Back and Admire Your Fairy Garden

You might also choose to have a seat on your porch and admire all your hard work after you’ve finished creating your DIY red, white, and blue fairy garden. If you’re enjoying a beverage, you might want to put down some coasters. Patriotic Patsy has some in her collection of merchandise on Redbubble.

Relaxing Fairy Swing

Your fairies also like a chance to relax. There is a cute red, white, and blue miniature swing that has stars and stripes on it available on Etsy that they might enjoy.

Thank you for joining us. We’re glad that you got the chance to enjoy our red, white, and blue fairy garden. The fairies enjoyed making these picks for your patriotic DIY fairy garden. They also enjoyed getting a chance to show you a few bonus items from Patriotic Patsy’s collection of merchandise. Please keep visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden to learn more fairy news, including about upcoming book releases.

 You might also enjoy this video we put together for the 4th of July back in 2016. We’ll be creating new videos for you to enjoy soon.



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