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Interesting Magical Gnomes To Add To Your Fairy Gardens

This week’s Teelie’s Fairy Garden blog post will introduce you to eight incredibly interesting gnomes. Keep reading to find out how special each one is and why you’re going to want to invite them to live in your fairy garden. You can also enjoy this amazing video.


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Camping Adventure

Three gnomes are having a great time on a camping adventure around this glowing campfire. One gnome has even found a friendly squirrel to dance with, while another is playing the guitar and the third is relaxing. Learn more here.

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Gardening Gnome

This busy gnome is helping to make sure that everything is going well in the garden by caring for the flowers and ensuring there’s enough water in the bird bath. Learn more here.


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Caring Gnome

This amazing gnome statue for your yard may just come alive when you’re asleep with the magic from some fairy dust. One thing is for sure the blue solar light is enchanting, and the statue is amazing. The gnome is pumping water into a tub so it can give its pet dog a bath. Both of them seem to be enjoying their time together. Learn more here.

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Reading Gnome

This gnome is excited that it can help bring brightness to your garden with its LED lights. The gnome is sitting in a comfortable position wearing a flower hat. It is reading a garden book to a frog that cannot wait to hear the entire tale. Learn more here.

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Butterfly Fun Gnome

This enchanted garden gnome which also has an LED solar light is out-catching butterflies. He’s going to help get them back into their homes as it is such a windy day outside that they’re having trouble flying through the air. Learn more here.

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Gnome with Lantern

This adorable gnome with the fantastic green mossy hat is holding a garden gnome. Compared to some gnomes he is fairly tall, standing at over a foot tall. He’d be perfect for a porch or lawn decoration, as he can stand amongst the flowers in a garden that is planted directly in the ground. Learn more here.

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Gardening Gnome

This gardening gnome is ready to have some fun in your garden. It already had the chance to pot a plant and has its trowel handy to do more work in the garden. This gnome also has a solar light which comes in handy as it comes out mostly at night. Learn more here.

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Gnome Sweet Home

This gnome is sitting on a rock that says Sweet Home on it. The stone is decorated with flowers and a ladybug.  The gnome has a beautiful flower in its hands. There is also a solar light to brighten up your garden at night. Learn more here.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed your time in Teelie’s Fairy Garden with the gnomes. They hope that you have an amazing summer spending time in nature and getting to create a magical fairy garden. They want to be sure you don’t forget to invite a gnome to help you out with your gardening.  Please keep visiting us for more magic.

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