Magical Beverages for Your Fairy Garden

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Hello Fairy Lovers. Thanks for visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden. This week we’re going to be looking at some magical miniatures. Each of them is a refreshing beverage that the fairies in your garden are sure to love.

Did you know that each week a magical video is created with the details from the blog posts? Here is the video from last week’s blog. We hope you enjoy it. We’d love to hear your comments, so please reach out to us on social media or by commenting at the bottom of this page.


Fairy drinks
1. Fairy Mocktails
2 Miniature Cocktails
2. Magical Beverages
Pair of Fancy Drinks
3. Enchanted Cups of Hot Cocoa
Christmas Mug Hot Chocolate Collection - 1 inch scale Doll house Miniature
4. Adorable Miniature Tea Set
Dollhouse porcelain ceramic teapot tea 11 piece set doll house teapot teacups tray parlour miniature - K38

Fairy Mocktails

These fairy mocktails are bright, colorful and include a citrus slice to make the glass look fancy. We know that your fairies will enjoy them. Learn more on Etsy.

Magical Beverages

There is something very exciting about a fancy drink. Somehow it just tastes better because so much creativity and magic went into it. You can find some whimsical fancy drinks for your fairy friends on Etsy.

Enchanted Cups of Hot Cocoa

Hot cocoa is especially fun on a chilly day. You can find some cute Christmas mugs filled with hot chocolate on Etsy.

Adorable Miniature Tea Set

Fairies also love having tea parties. You can find an adorable miniature porcelain teapot set on Etsy. We love the details.

Miniature drinks
1. Whimsical Cup of Bubble Tea
1:12 scale Dollhouse Miniatures Glass of Bubble Tea - D37
2. Celebrate With Champagne
1:12 Dollhouse Miniature Champagne set of 4 - A0031
3. Delicious Breakfast Beverages
1:12 scale Dollhouse miniature glass of orange juice - D41
4. Fancy Frappuccinos
Miniature Starbucks Frappuccino Mini Iced Coffee Fairy Garden Drink Smoothie (set of 2)

Whimsical Cup of Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is getting quite popular. Often it is tapioca balls that can be found in the tea, but other options are available too. The fairies wanted to try it and we found a miniature glass for them on Etsy.

Celebrate With Champagne

We have so many amazing things to celebrate in Fairy Land including incredible book releases. So, grab your glass of champagne and raise it high, it’s time to toast the fairies. Find miniature glasses of champagne on Etsy.

Delicious Breakfast Beverages

Orange juice is always a great beverage choice in the morning. It is filled with delicious vitamins from the tasty oranges. Find a glass for your fairies on Etsy.

Fancy Frappuccinos

The final magical miniature beverage that we want to share with you this week is a fancy Frappuccino which has been topped with whipped cream. You can find these Starbucks treats on Etsy.

Thank you again for joining us this week. Teelie’s Fairy Garden hopes that you have enjoyed discovering some magical miniature beverages for your fairy friends. Please come back and see us again soon. We have so many magical things happening including live events on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 4 PM PST on our Facebook page.

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