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Relaxing Fairy Gardens for Mom

Fairy Gardens for Mom

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Hello Fairy Friends. Today we’ve decided to focus on some amazing fairy garden ideas which would be great projects for moms who like gardening and want to have a relaxing hobby. The fairies have chosen two kits and some bonus items to share with you. And, don’t  forget to continue visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden for more enchanted adventures with the fairies.

Magical Fairy Garden Kit
1. A Magical Fairy Garden Kit
Fairy Garden To Go Kit

A Magical Fairy Garden Kit

The first fairy garden kit that we chose is known as the ‘to go kit’ which means that it is ready for you to use as soon as it is received. It has everything you need to get your fairy garden started. In the pictures above you will see an image of it in its packaging as well as an image of the accessories. The components to this kit are amazing and very natural. They include feathers, magical fairy dust, pine cones, a fairy chair and so much more. You can find it on Etsy.

Fairy Gardens and Mother's Day
1. Vintage Fairy Garden Kit
Fairy Garden Kit with Les Alpes Fairy, Angel Sun Catcher, Nest and Eggs, Orbs, Key, Chair and more

Vintage Fairy Garden Kit

Our second fairy garden kit is vintage and filled with lots of amazing fairy items for your garden. It includes a gorgeous ‘Les Alpes’ fairy, a rock with the word love on it, an angel sun catcher, a chair, leaf shaped patio stones and so many other amazing miniature items. To learn more or make a purchase visit Etsy.

Fairy Gardens and Mother's Day
1. Mom’s Relaxing Place Gazebo
Fairy Garden Gazebo, Flower Topped Gazebo
2. Whimsical Fairy
Fairy garden fairy, Fairy statue, fairy figurine, Fairy, fairies, magical whimsical, fairy dust glitter wings, toadstools mushrooms flowers
3. Fairy Sophia
Spring Fairy Sophia, Fairy Garden Miniatures, Fairy Figurine, Fairy Garden Accessories
4. Gnome and Friends Garden Figurines
Fairy Garden Sweet Garden Watering Gnome, Leaf Teeter-Totter, Miniature, Dollhouse, Hedgehog, Green, Gnome, Watering Can, Cute Gnome

Bonus Ideas

Our bonus items are items which can be used in a fairy garden that you create using items of your choosing instead of a kit or to enhance a kit.

Mom’s Relaxing Place Gazebo

We located an adorable miniature gazebo on Etsy. We thought that mom would enjoy this as it looks like an amazing and relaxing place where mom could go to read a book or enjoy the sound of birds chirping and frogs singing.

Whimsical Fairy

Our next pick is a whimsical fairy who is sitting with some toadstool mushrooms and flowers. She is enjoying the calm and quiet of nature. She would love to find a fairy garden to call home but, in the meantime, she is enjoying  everything that nature has to offer. You can find her on Etsy.

Fairy Sophia

We chose to show you an adorable dancing fairy by the name of Sophia. She would look amazing in a fairy garden as she is beautiful and graceful and would make your fairy garden enchanting. She may even remind some women of themselves or their daughters, nieces or friends. You can find the fairy Sophia figurine on Etsy.

Gnome and Friends Garden Figurines

The final bonus item that we want to show you is an adorable option from the Teelie’s Fairy Garden collection. It is of a gnome with a watering can and his friend the hedgehog. It also includes a leaf teeter totter and a few other miniature accessories for starting your fairy garden. It is available on Etsy.

Thank you for visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden and having a look at these adorable fairy garden ideas with us. We hope that all of our human believers who are mothers have an amazing Mother’s Day. Be sure to continue visiting us to learn more fairy news including upcoming Teelie Turner fairy books.

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