Serve Up A Slice of Joy with a Fairy Pizza Party

It’s time for a delicious surprise in the Fairy Garden: a pizza party has been laid out! You might have been thinking, do fairies only eat sweet things such as pastries, candies, and sweet bakes? Not so! Though it’s true that fairies are very much attracted to sweets, particularly sweets in a fairy garden (they love honey, nectar, sweet flowers, and tasty pastries, and these things are all surefire ways to invite fairies into a garden), they do love eating savory things as well. And their tastes don’t differ much from humans’, either!

That’s why fairies love things like pizza too? Who wouldn’t want a nice, freshly baked slice of pizza, just loaded with toppings? This pizza party in the fairy garden will draw in a lot of pizza fans in the fairy world for a refreshing snack out under the canopy of leaves. And yes, there’s dessert to be had too!

1. A Fairy Pizza Party Box

When you say the word pizza, there’s hardly anyone who would say no to it. That’s why a big boxful of pizza has been served up in the fairy garden. There needs to be enough slices for everyone who might want a piece or two! The local fairy pizzeria will be serving up the pies piping hot and full of melting cheese with plenty of fresh toppings for everyone. Get it with the set at Etsy.

2. Two Slices Apiece

If a human can never eat just one slice of yummy pizza, and fairies certainly won’t be able to either! That’s why each place setting in this fairy party gets at least two slices each. The slices are loaded with plenty of mozzarella cheese and toppings like olives, peppers, pepperoni, and onions. Fully loaded and just the way a fairy likes it! See the slices on their little ceramic plate with the set at Etsy.

3. A Mango Tart Dessert

There’s no fairy meal that’s complete without a sweet dessert; it’s just part of satisfying a fairy’s sweet tooth! Once the slices of pizza have been demolished, everyone gets a delicious mango cup as a dessert. Made of flaky pastry, filled with tasty cream, and topped with bright, sweet slices of mango, it’s a tropical ending to a wonderful meal. See them with the set at Etsy.

4. The Little Yellow Bird

It’s not just the fairies who are particularly interested in all the delicious devouring going on in this fairy pizza party. A little yellow bird has come fluttering down to inspect the table, no doubt attracted by all the tantalizing smells coming from it. He would definitely be amenable to having a bit of snack off the table himself. Perhaps some pizza crusts to nibble on as the fairies eat? Meet him with set at Etsy.

5. Cold Cans of Soda

Eating all this pizza on a hot summer day outdoors calls for some ice gold drinks. Each place setting is served up with an icy can of cola, so that the fairies can wash down all that pizza with a cold, bubbly, tasty drink. It’ll be a welcome relief too once the summer season really gets going and it becomes really hot outdoors! See them with the set at Etsy.

6. Polka Dotty Summer Place Mats

Eating pizza can be a messy business, especially if everyone is eating using their hands (who eats pizza with a knife and fork anyway? Not fairies, that’s for sure!). These lovely placemats, red and white and bright, perfect for the summer, will keep all those crumbs, cheese drippings, and fallen toppings away from the table and easy to clean up after. Get them with the set at Etsy.

Pizza parties are popular not just because the pizzas are yummy, but also because pizzas come in so many varieties—there’s one to suit anyone’s taste! So just in case the fairies in the garden get a little picky, here are some more delicious pizza party options for them to enjoy.

7. A Yummy Sausage and Cheese Masterpiece

Some fairies don’t really need all that many toppings on their pizza. And some of them just really like cheese! Who wouldn’t, when so many delicious fresh cheeses of all kinds are magically developed in the fairy farms. Serve them up this simple but satisfying sausage and cheese pizza, full of the delicious fairy cheeses and some fresh sausage from the local deli. Get it at Etsy.

8. Summer Seafood Pizza

Now this is a pizza for a fairy that wants to eat something for the summer! Topped with fresh seafood straight from the sea (perhaps gifts from the seaside fairies or brought by the mermaids?), it’s definitely a twist from the usual meaty pizzas that are served up. This is also the ideal pizza to enjoy when having the pizza party out by the beach. Get the pizza at Etsy.

9. Prosciutto and Parma Ham Pizza

This is definitely the pizza for the meat lovers. Covered in fresh cherry tomatoes grown from the fairy farms and loaded with plenty of slices of savory prosciutto and fine parma ham, it’s light but meaty, and definitely appealing to the tastes of fairies who might prefer something more traditional. Pizza does come from Italy, and this calls back to the original tastes. Get it at Etsy.

10. A Bucket Of Ice Cold Soda

Two cans of soda might not be enough for the influx of fairies coming to the party, looking to enjoy a few slices of hot pizza. This whole tub of ice, full of soda cans, will give everyone a cold, refreshing drink during the meal and ideal for a hot summer day. There are also plenty of different soda varieties in the tub, so everyone who doesn’t want cola can have options to choose from. Get it at Etsy.

Now it’s time to serve up all that tasty pizza and just watch the fairies flock for a snack! Everyone will be laughing, chatting, and enjoying the meal and the cold drinks of the party. It’s a summer party that everyone in the fairy garden will enjoy!

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