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Fairy gardening is a creative and relaxing experience that is often done with friends and family. But it’s also an interesting activity to do for those who live alone and would like the company of some fairies! If you’re new to fairy gardening, worry not as we’ve got you covered. Today, we’ll discover fairy garden kits for beginners and how you can have your own magical experience building a fairy garden.

Fairy Garden Kits for Beginners

  1. Fairy Garden Koi Fish Pond Kit with Miniature Bridge (6 Piece Set)

As a beginner, you might not know what type of fairy garden to build. This basic set features three amazing pieces that are realistic and whimsical. It features a beautiful pond with koi fishes, a quaint little fairy bridge for them to cross, an elegant swan, a lily leaf with a frog, a fairy holding a bird, and two sitting fairy sisters who are enjoying the view. It’s a great gift for fairy gardening beginners or those who like to add more whimsy to their fairy garden.

  1. Bliss Fairy Gardens Deluxe Fairy Garden Starter Kit English Cottage (12 Piece Set)

One of the best things about fairy garden kits for beginners is that everything you’ll get in the box is up to scale. No more trying to figure out if a house will look great with a piece of furniture. This set features a vintage-style design and was inspired by an old English dwarf cottage. It’s straight out of a fairy tale book! Features a gate, strolling stepping stones, an English cottage, a perching bench, arching bridge, planters, and a bag of river stones.

  1. Mood Lab Fairy Garden Hand Painted (11 Piece Set)

It’s tea time in Fairy Land! This afternoon, fairies are gathering to hear the fairy musician play her harp as they enjoy some freshly brewed tea in a gorgeous flower tea set. This set also comes with benches, woodland friends, flowers, and a sitting fairy.

  1. Pretmanns Fairy Garden House Accessories Kit (4 Piece Set)

This delightful kit is made up of four pieces, which is perfect for any beginner who doesn’t want to get too overwhelmed with accessories. This kit features the fairies Klara and Chloe and a little sign that reads “Fairies” and “Gnomes.” At the center of it all is a fairy house that looks exactly like a tree! It even has a door that opens and closes!

  1. Hirt’s Gardens Fairy Garden Kit with 3 Plants

Fairy garden accessories aren’t the only thing you’ll need when making a fairy garden. You’ll also need soil, containers, and plants! Thankfully there’s this kit from Hirt’s Gardens, which features three live miniature plants, sheet moss, terrarium potting soil, carbonized charcoal, and some river rocks. It also comes with a very helpful guide on how to build your miniature garden!

Fairy Garden Kits for Beginners


  1. TerraGreen Creations Succulent Planter Soil Kit

To make it easier to plant your miniature garden, you may choose to get a succulent planter soil kit, which already includes the essentials for growing your fairy garden succulents. This includes washed pea gravel, activated charcoal, organic succulent oil, smooth river rocks, and colorful sheet moss.

  1. The Little Gardener Terrarium/Fairy Garden

The great thing about this starter kit is that it already comes with a container! The 7-inch acrylic bowl can be your first ever fairy garden. The kit also includes organic soil, activated charcoal, two different sizes of rocks, preserved deer moss, and 6 colorful decorative stones. The best part? You’ll even get a fairy with two miniatures, a log, and a mushroom!

  1. 9GreenBox Terrarium/Fairy Garden Kit

Here’s another option for your very first fairy garden. If you already have a container that you’d like to reuse from your home, you can opt to get a set like this instead. Includes complete instructions for your living terrarium or fairy garden, potting soil, sheet moss, carbonized charcoal, and some river rocks.

  1. Pretmanns Fairy Garden Fairies, Gnome, and Farm Animals (5 Piece Set)

Here’s a charming treat for those who love the countryside! This fairy garden set features fairies and a gnome who are working hard in the farm. Also included in this charming set are a rooster,

a hen with her chicks and eggs, and a little wheelbarrow with chicks!

  1. Mood Lab Fairy Garden Hand Painted Deer (Set of 7 Pieces)

Your fairy friends will be delighted to meet this fairy and her deer friend! This seven-piece set also features a pair of birds and three blooming flowers.


Whether you’re new to fairy gardening and are interested in fairy garden kits for beginners or already an enthusiast, make sure to bookmark Teelie’s Fairy Garden for magical ideas, treats, and stories. We provide daily content on how to make your fairy gardens even more magical. Check out the link below for more!

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