Let’s Party! Party Items, Treats, and Drinks for a Fairy Garden Shindig

There’s no party quite like a fairy shindig, fill of wonderful party items and tiny, treasured surprises. Perhaps one of the fairies at home is celebrating their 200th birthday, or maybe a new fairy has come to town. Perhaps a new adventure had been completed, or maybe a special occasion in the year is coming. Even the celebrations of the coming of Spring and Summer, so welcome after so much cold weather, would be something to cheer about in fairy land.

You’ll need plenty of fairy magic and party supplies for the big event. Have a look at some wonderfully enchanting fairy party supplies to throw a party that no one in fairy land will forget for a while!

FG Mar 1 2019 1-51. Woodland Tables and Chairs

The first among the party items you’ll need will be plenty of tables and chairs. Inviting all of your family and friends to a big party is why they say “the more the merrier”. As fairies live for quite a long time, they’ll have plenty of friends and family to invite, and everyone will need a place to sit at and enjoy each other’s company during the party. Get the set at the Fairy Garden.

2. Decorative Mini Flowers

These little blossoms are so colorful that they look like jewels. These celebratory flowers are precious party items, adorning the tables and chairs. They’re the ideal choice for virtually any fairy party. All the little flowers with their different colors make it look like the entire party area is splashed by rainbow colors, bringing so much joy. Get them at the Fairy Garden.

3. Golden Fairy Tableware

Nothing quite says a “celebration” than bringing out the fancy tableware! Tiny, golden spoons, forks, and knives may seem like an extravagance to us, but for magical fairies who see all kinds of treasure, this is just the essential party items. Make sure to get plenty, so each fairy guest will be able to get their own set! Get them at Amazon.

4. Fabulous Wine and Cheese Board

If it’s going to be a fancy fairy celebration, an essential fairy party item would be this royal wine and cheeses from fairy dairy. It immediately makes everything seem so much more sophisticated than a regular tea party in the fairy world. Everyone can enjoy some for the appetizer, but make sure everyone saves their appetite for the real party food! Get it at the Fairy Garden.

5. Magical Roasting Barbecue

Since spring and summer are well on their way, most fairy parties would be held under the sunny skies. And outdoor parties call for a barbecue! Make sure they have this lovely little barbecue grill for yummy grilled meat and veggies to enjoy as a main course for the event. Maybe some of the fairies can cast a fire spell to get it going? Grab the barbecue at the Fairy Garden.

FG Mar 1 2019 6-106. Fiesta Flags

It’s a celebration, so part of the party items must definitely the bunting. This line of celebratory fiesta flags lets everyone who comes by know that there is a celebration happening. They’re so colorfully patterned and so appropriately festive that everyone will soon get into the party mood. Get the line of flags at the Fairy Garden.

7. Fairy Flower Lights

Don’t forget to bring in the fairy lights! As sun sets and twilight falls, the party will keep on going. One of the most magical sights to see is to have the little colorful flowers of these lights start to twinkle on. They’ll look like tiny colorful stars or blooms that have been enchanted by fairy magic. Perhaps their lights will coax some fireflies to join in. Get the lights at the Fairy Garden.

8. Fairydust Balloons

These special celebratory balloons are more than your regular party items: they’re covered in glittering, multicolored fairy dust! They’ll be catching the light and sparkling away as they hover over every seat in the party or float over the tables and the food. They’ll also be a lovely treat for the partygoers to bring home afterwards. Get them at Etsy.

9. Sweets, Treats, and Bakes

Fairies have a notorious sweet tooth, and they do so love their sweet sugary treats, so why not make the party spread full of them? This feast of delights has cake, cookies, and macarons for everyone to share in this celebration. There’ll be more than enough for everyone to eat and be merry about. The sugar rush alone will keep the party going! Get them at Etsy.

10. Charmed Champagne Bottles                            

If the party is for a celebration, then one of the must-have party items must definitely be bottles of champagne. Brightly wrapped bottles of bubbly, handed out to every fairy in the party, would be just the thing for the highlight of the night. When the time comes to cheer and make merry, all the enchanted bottles will pop at the same time, like foamy fireworks! Get them at Etsy.

There’s no party like a fairy party, as magical fairy items make everything so much more dazzling. Make sure that you’re ready for a fairy celebration for any occasion and grab these fairy garden party items. There’s so much life and color to celebrate, especially now that springtime is coming!

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